UMIC - Knwoledge Society Agency

Mobilizing the Information and Knowledge Society

Portugal is strongly committed to the development of an inclusive information society where knowledge is a fundamental ethical, cultural, social and economic value, fostering the creation of wealth and employment, the quality of life, and social development.

The Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC) is the Portuguese public agency with the mission of coordinating the policies for the Information Society and mobilizing it through dissemination, qualification and research activities. It operates within the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education.

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Connecting Portugal

Connecting Portugal

A program of action in the Portuguese Government TECHNOLOGICAL PLAN:
Mobilizing the Information and Knowledge

More Information About Connecting Portugal More information Download PDF - Connecting Portugal Download PDF
Websites of Portuguese Research Institutes
and Research Centers in ICT

Research institutes and research centers in the area of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) rated in the last assessment as “Excellent” or Very Good” by international standards.

More Information about  Websites of Portuguese Research Institutes More Information PDF -Websites of Portuguese Research Institutes Download PDF
Websites Of Portuguese Enterprises with R&D Activities In ICT

Enterprises in Information and Communication
Technologies (ICT), with websites in English, that declared to have performed R&D activities for the purpose of qualifying for the National System of Fiscal Incentives to Enterprise R&D, as well as other enterprises which declared R&D activities in the last Survey to the National Scientific and Technological Potential (2003).

More Information about Websites Of Portuguese Enterprises with R&D Activities In Information and Communication Technologies More information PDF - Websites Of Portuguese Enterprises with R&D Activities In Information and Communication Technologies Download PDF

All schools connected to the Internet All schools connected to the Internet
since 2001
and in broadband since January 2006

Providing all the schools with a broadband DSL connection to the Internet through the Science Technology and Society Network
Public Internet Spaces Public Internet Spaces
More than 1,080 Internet Spaces provide free access to multimedia computers and the Internet to citizens all over the country
Basic ICT Competencies Diploma Basic ICT Skills Diploma
Recognizing acquired basic competencies in ICT and training people for them, as a means to enhance info-inclusion
Digital Cities and Digital Regions Digital Cities and Digital Regions
A total of 33 projects for the development of Digital Cities and Digital Regions covering a territory of more than 95% of the total area of Portugal
Science Alive (“Ciencia Viva”) Science Alive (“Ciencia Viva”)
A program for the promotion of science
and technology within society with many ICT/Internet based activities
b-on: Online Knowledge Library b-on: Online Knowledge Library
Full texts of the main academic and scientific journals published internationally accessible in all research and higher education institutions
e-U: Electronic University/Virtual e-U: Electronic University/Virtual

A large and convenient wireless network integrating all universities and polytechnics into a single unified Virtual Campus
National GRID Initiative

National GRID Initiative
Promoting the development of GRID Computing and the sharing of distributed computing resources for the resolution of complex problems that require intensive data processing

Neotec Neotec: New Technological Enteprises
Promoting new ICT based technological enterprises with high potential growth, in particular by students and researchers of higher education institutions
OTIC OTIC – Technology and Knowledge Transfer Workshops
The OTIC initiative promotes the creation of knowledge and technology transfer units in the areas of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
Networks of Competence Networks of Competence
Promoting the creation of innovation and knowledge networks with a scope strongly involving information and communication technologies
The Enterprise’s Portal

The Enterprise’s Portal
An integrated access point to public services provided to enterprises.

The Citizen’s Portal The Citizen’s Portal
A desk for citizenís access to the digital public services
The Citizen’s Card The Citizen’s Card
The Portuguese electronic identity card (eID)
Public e-Procurement Public e-Procurement
Increasing efficiency and transparency, generating savings, and promoting the adoption of e-commerce
Electronic Invoices in the Public Administration Electronic Invoices in the Public Administration
Adopting electronic invoices by the public administration
e-Acessibility e-Accessibility
Promoting the accessibility the information society to citizens with special needs
Solidarity Network Solidarity Network
Connecting people with special needs to the Interent
e-Democracy e-Democracy
Allowing citizens to vote from any pooling station
Information and Society Knowledge Observatory Information and Knowledge Society Observatory
Providing statistical indicators and studies about the Information Society in Portugal
Forum for the Information Society Forum for the Information Society
The consultation and arbitration body for the development of public policies regarding the Information Society
E-Vote Portugal
e-U Virtual Campus

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