Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia

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Luísa Ferreira / MCTES

History of Science

FCT launches calls in the framework of the Programme to stimulate the development of History of Science in Portugal.

European Research Council
Marie Curie Actions
7th Research Framework Programme

EU Programmes

FCT provides information about European Union scientific organizations and programmes such as the ERC and Marie Curie actions in the framework of the 7th RFP.


Contracts and Chairs

Ciência 2008

The reinforcement of the National Scientific and Technological System through the Ciência 2008 initiative includes the Contracts for 1000 PhDs and the Invited Chairs programmes.

Fellowships and Grants

FCT funds an extensive list of different types of Fellowships and Grants. These include Doctoral Fellowships available through the Call for Individual Doctoral Fellowships 2009.


R&D Units

FCT funds and evaluates R&D Units in diverse scientific areas and, in particular, Associate Laboratories and the recently announced Consortia.


R&D Projects

The latest call for projects in all scientific domains closed on February 6, 2009, and is entering evaluation in April 2009. FCT also organizes Calls in targeted research areas.


Scientific hardware renewal

The National Program for Scientific Hardware Renewal was created to support the acquisition, update and expansion of scientific hardware and the buildup of National Networks of institutions sharing the usage of important, but relatively uncommon and expensive, hardware items.


Scientific Community Support Fund

FACC selectively supports scientific community initiatives aimed at the promotion of R&D or knowledge transmission in any scientific area lying outside the scope of current FCT programs.


Science Networks

FCT is a member or represents Portugal in several Scientific and Science Policy Networks dedicated to transnational cooperation.


International partnerships

University of Texas at Austin Fraunhofer MIT
Carnegie-Mellon University

One of FCT’s missions is the development of international partnerships between leading Portuguese science and university institutions and world class partners.