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The James Randi Educational Foundation is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1996. Its aim is to promote critical thinking by reaching out to the public and media with reliable information about paranormal and supernatural ideas so widespread in our society today.

Members support the work of James Randi and the Foundation.

The JREF sponsors The Amaz!ng Meeting every year, bringing together skeptics from around the world for four days of education, entertainment, and fellowship, as well as $10,000 worth of scholarship grants.


Why Join the JREF

Join the JREF and help us:

  • Keep up the fight against superstition in the world today
  • Promote critical thinking about the supernatural and paranormal
  • Provide scholarships to students who show promise in spreading critical thinking in their chose fields
  • Challenge those who would deceive the public for profit or political gain
  • Organize international meetings that bring the critical thinking community together
  • Maintain vigilance over media organizations that will sacrifice the truth for higher ratings

Join Today

All members recieve:

  • Satisfaction of Belonging
  • Subscription the JREF Quarterly Newsletter
  • 10% Discount on JREF Merchandise
    (phone orders only)
  • Membership Card
  • $50 Discount to The Amaz!ng Meeting
  • Thank you letter personally signed by James Randi
  • First time members receive a gift of a t-shirt, mug (US only), pen or pin (indicate choice in comments field).

Choose a Gift
*Please mention in the "Message to Seller" box whether you want a t-shirt (size?), pen or mug with your new membership.
New members get their choice of:
JREF Logo T-shirt
With a fierce picture of James Randi on the front, no one will doubt your critical thinking skills. May be washed if needed. Available in white only. Sizes S and XL.
Official JREF Ceramic Coffee Mug
With spiffy inscription: "In a former life, I was a ming vase...yeah, right!" Suitable for decaf and regular coffee. May be used indoors or outdoors.
(Due to shipping costs, this is available to US members only)
Official JREF Pen
Good quality item. Writes in any language. Sexy maroon color, trimmed in homeopathic gold. Takes standard refills.

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Card Color
Quarterly Newsletter and Membership Card
   Student* $25
   Introductory** $50
   Member $100
   Friend  $250+  

above plus

Personally autographed photo of James Randi

   Affiliate  $500+

above plus

Autographed copy of Encyclopedia of the Supernatural

   Supporter  $1,000+

above plus

Autographed copy of James Randi's Conjuring

   Sponsor  $2,500+

above plus

Phone Call from James Randi

   Benefactor  $5,000+

above plus

Dinner with James Randi

   Patron  $10,000+

above plus

Speaking engagement by James Randi

   Champion $25,000+

Personal meeting with James Randi and the JREF to discuss interests

(Incentives are negotiable at higher levels)
* Must have valid student ID. Please fax to 954-467-1660

** Please note that the introductory membership is not available for renewals.

Or call the JREF at:


Your tax-deductible one-time donations also help support the mission of the JREF.

Books and Videos for Sale
Books and Videos for Sale As part of our fund raising efforts, the JREF is offering certain products related to our efforts. Click here.
Library Take a peek inside the files of the world's most outspoken investigator of the paranormal, the psychic and the just plain weird. Click here.

Member Notes Discounted entry-level memberships (Student or Individual) are available for clubs, societies, or other groups. Each membership is discounted by 20% if applications are submitted in groups of ten or more.

Patrons and benefactors automatically become Life Members. All others pay annually. All payments are tax deductible (in the USA) since the JREF is a 501(c)3 corporation. (Membership #s 0, 1, 2, and 9 have already been claimed.)

Send checks or money-orders, in US funds, to:
James Randi Educational Foundation
201 S.E. 12th St.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316-1815, U.S.A.

Remembering the
JREF in Your Estate

Your present contribution to the JREF is more than greatly is lifeblood for our Foundation. But you can also remember the JREF in your estate plan (your Will or Trust). What's more, you can also set up any one of a variety of different kinds of charitable remainder and charitable gift trusts designating the JREF as a beneficiary. Please contact us in the event you would like more information about these forms of charitable giving and their  related tax benefits

Gifts of stocks and annuities are also most welcome.

Contact us for more information.

You can also sell something on eBay and have the proceeds go directly to the JREF. Contact us for more information.

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