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Many of you are looking forward to using MT5 exclusively, but truthfully you may be content with MT4 or maybe you’re unable to upgrade because a plugin you rely upon may not yet be ported to MT5.

So until MT5 is solid and there is little demand for MT4, Six Apart will continue to release new versions of MT4.x as necessary to provide fixes for various security issues and bugs which are major pain points. Small features may be potentially included as well.

MT4.32 fixes a handful of minor bugs which are detailed in the Movable Type 4.32 release notes.

One of the commits in MT4.32 was to bundle the Zemanta plugin. Zemanta has committed to supporting the development of Movable Type; what better partnership than that of a content management system and a service to recommend quality related-content?

While it may not be useful for every blogger, it can be very helpful in the case where you need an image, links to related articles, help with tags for an entry, etc to have a more compelling blog entry. Check out the Zemanta FAQ for more info on how Zemanta’s services may be useful for you or your bloggers. All support or technical questions regarding Zemanta or the Zemanta Plug-in for MovableType should be forwarded to

Zemanta not for you? There are many ways to disable the Zemanta plugin additionally anyone with file-system access can remove the Zemanta plugin from the plugins directory within the MT install.

Also, you don’t need MT4.32 to use the Zemanta plugin, you can also download Zemanta from the plugin directory.

One known issue which wasn’t in the Zemanta FAQ:

For internal Movable Type deployments behind the firewall the Zemanta functionality will not be available. This will not have impact the operation of Movable Type. However, administrators may see the error message “Can’t connect to Zemanta API service” in the Movable Type system log. To avoid seeing this error, the plug-in should be disabled by the administrator as described above.

Hope the fixes in MT4.32 are useful. If there is a bug or patch that you want committed in a future version of MT4.x

MT5 Beta 3 should be available tomorrow.

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