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Vodafone live! – internet on your mobile, info & entertainment

Last updated 13:07 02/03/2009

Vodafone live! gives you access to a world of info and entertainment! You can surf the internet from your mobile, get the latest music tracks, games and news; and you can personalise your phone with wallpapers, video and ringtones - all whenever and wherever you are.

To go to the Vodafone live! home page- freeTXT 'LIVE' to 5483 on your Vodafone mobile. Or, you can hit the live! button on your mobile that is usually represented by the Vodafone icon.


Use the internet on your mobile

You can go to all your favourite sites on your mobile- from Facebook to TradeMe, from Google to Stuff and more. The casual rate for internet on your mobile is $1 a day for up to 10MB, then $1 per MB- only pay on the days you use it.

For just $1 a day (that's 10MB data) you can do any of the following using the mobile internet:

  • Check or send 250 medium sized emails on either Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo mail


  • 10-15 minutes of YouTube video streaming - That's about 10 different cute videos of cats.


  • Browse 250 pages of Facebook, MySpace, or


This information is intended as a guideline only and is based on average file sizes.  Actual quantities may vary.

When you reach 8MB we'll send you a TXT to let you know you're close to your daily allowance.


Vodafone Music store- freeTXT 'MUSIC' to 5483

There are over 1 million tracks, ringtones & music videos on your mobile that you can buy from the Vodafone Music store on your mobile.

When you buy a track, you also get an mp3 of the track delivered to your computer.

To access your online purchased music library just need to log-in to 'My Vodafone' at then click on 'My Music'.


Ringtones - freeTXT 'TONES' to 5483


Mobile Games- freeTXT 'GAMES' to 5483

There are thousands of games that you can simply buy & download to your Vodafone mobile.

You can get old skool with the likes of Tetris, Hangman & Pacman; get the latest games like Wolverine & Terminator Salvation; or have fun with Sims3 & Brain Genius. You'll never be bored again! 


SKY Mobile TV - freeTXT 'SKY' to 5483

With SKY Mobile TV you get great SKY TV channels on your Vodafone 3G mobile. Keep up to date Prime News, watch full length South Park episodes on Comedy Central, catch up on celebrity gossip on E!, play the kids Cartoon Network while you're out and about.

SKY Mobile TV costs just $2.50 per week. That's it! And you can watch all of the channels for as long as you like - and you won't incur any data charges while you're watching.

Your weekly subscription will be charged to your Vodafone account or deducted from your Prepay credit. It automatically renews each week and it can be cancelled any time you want.

Once you're a SKY Mobile TV subscriber you'll also be able to choose pay-per-view live Vodafone Warriors games & tri-nations. (Generally $3/match or $2/game for Netball)


Sing-a-long music videos- freeTXT 'SINGQ' to 5483

"Like a virgin. Touched for the thirty-first time." Get the lyrics right! SingQ music videos

have scrolling lyrics playing along with the music vid. They bring you your fave kiwi tunes like 'One Day' from Op Shop & 'Always On My Mind' by Tiki Taane


MusicStation- freeTXT 'MSTATION' to 5483

Get unlimited access to over 1 million tracks on your mobile for only $2.50 a week, with no data charges. Discover new music, make and share playlists with your friends, enjoy all-you-can-eat music.

Vodafone Live! is compatible with most mobiles, but not with iPhones or Android operated


Are there any FREE alerts?
Yes - you can sign up to our free music alert by TXTing 'BEAT' to 5483.

Get our fortnightly Mobile Games alert by TXTing 'GAMEON' to 5483.

Get our Vodafone Live! Alert including a link to a YouTube Video of the Day by TXTing 'LIVEWIRE' to 5483.


How to unsubscribe:

To unsubscribe from an alert, simply TXT the word "STOP" in reply.  A notification will be sent shortly to your phone confirming your removal

To unsubscribe from an alert on the SIM 2 service simply open the SIM 2 menu and find the service you are subscribed too. When you click on it you will get an option to unsubscribe.

For more information please go to

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