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Last updated 00:00 25/06/2007

Get ready to meet a newspaper that talks to you, translates itself into 12 languages for you and lets you navigate around like you are reading a printed copy of the paper, or like you are reading on a website. This is the world of Fairfax Media Digital Editions.

Fairfax Media is New Zealand's largest media company, publishing nine daily newspapers, plus the country's two national Sunday newspapers and more than 50 community newspapers. We also run the country's leading news web site and own the country?s most popular online site Now we bring you this new service.

All our daily and Sunday newspapers, plus more than 30 of our great, free community newspapers and free real estate guides, are gathered together in one site as Digital Editions - every page, every section, every advertisement is presented on this site. More community newspapers are being added on a regular basis.

Our Digital Editions provide you with a view of a newspaper page just like the print version, with all the same layout. You can navigate around the page using the simple toolbox on the screen, choosing a single page view or a traditional two-page view just like you've got the real paper open before you, or there is a table of contents and search functions to instantly find the news and information you want.

You can `bookmark' any page electronically so you can always find the story you're interested in - we offer you archived papers going back weeks, so you can build your own library service.

For our daily and Sunday newspapers, we offer translation into 12 major foreign languages, including Chinese, and the paper will even read itself out loud to you. These functions will also be available on the community newspapers in the near future.

This is all part of our commitment to you as the premier media company in New Zealand. Now you can read your favourite paper anywhere in the country or the world on the day it is published.

Click here if you are already a registered user and wish to access today's digital edition.



When you click the link at the bottom of this story you will go through to the Digital Edition site. This page is intended to help guide you through the new world of newspaper reading you are about to encounter.

The home page of our Digital Edition site will instantly throw you off guard. It doesn't look a thing like a Digital Edition - it looks just like a web site. This home page provides a useful service. It scans the front pages of all our newspapers and presents the news and photos for you to sample. If you click on a story it will take you to the front page, which you can read for free courtesy of Fairfax Media. To get to the Digital Editions, go to the top right of the home page and click Sign In.

You will then move to the registration screen. Select the option which applies to you. If you are a new user you will be asked to provide some registration details.


If you already subscribe to a print copy of one of our Fairfax papers, you are provided with free access to the Digital Edition of the paper you subscribe to. The first time you will be required to select ALREADY A PRINT SUBSCRIBER from the registration screen and follow the instructions there. You will then be asked for proof of identity - all you need are: your Fairfax subscriber number and your phone number.

If you want access to another Fairfax paper other than the one you subscribe to, we do need to ask you to pay for that subscription.


If you don't already subscribe to a Fairfax paper, then we do need to ask you to pay for a subscription to the Digital Edition service. But with all the functionality and services it offers, we are sure you will agree it is good value. You can select a monthly, six monthly or annual plan. You pay via your credit card. To do this click on NEW ACCOUNT and follow the registration process and the subscription and payment process.

If you want to only access our Free Community Papers, follow the instructions below:


Even though community papers and real estate guides are free, we are asking that all readers register, giving us some minimal details, so we can track usage.

To access your FREE publications click on NEW ACCOUNT and fill out the registration details. Go to the subscription plan Free Community Papers. Click on the button and then enter continue at the bottom of the page. This will take you back to the home page. From there you can sign in on your chosen user name and password. Then you can select your favourite community newspaper under the select title button.

Now click


to go to the Fairfax Media Digital Replica site and go to SIGN IN.


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