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The Fraunhofer Portugal Research Center for Assistive Information and Communication Solutions (Fraunhofer AICOS) is the first research center operated by Associação Fraunhofer Portugal Research (Fraunhofer Portugal), located in Porto.

Extending the Reach of the Information and Knowledge Society

Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS aims to enhance people’s living standards by offering them intuitive and useful technology solutions, capable of facilitating their access to Information and Communication Technologies, and therefore leading to the integration of an increasingly large sector of the population in the Information and Knowledge Society.

Remarkable Technology, Easy to Use

Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS focuses its activity in the area of assistive information and communication solutions, working with companies interested in outsourcing/co-developing their applied research projects.

Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS offers specialized competences centred on the improvement of end-user experience and usability of applications, contributing with its applied research solutions to the market success of its client’s products and services.

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