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  • ComLab: Communication in Knowledge Networks

    The role of Knowledge Networks in the creation, transformation, dissemination and application of knowledge has been widely recognized. These networks involve individuals and organizations around specific objectives and with collaborative participation in common or complementary tasks.

  • MIT – Portugal

    The MIT – Portugal Program is centred on Engineering Systems, namely those concerning Design and Advanced Industrial Production Systems Engineering, Energy Systems, Transport Systems and Bio-engineering Systems.

  • Carnegie Mellon – Portugal

    The Carnegie Mellon – Portugal Program focuses on Internet of the Future Technologies, namely New Generation Networks (NGN) for high quality reliable services, cyber-physical systems for ambient intelligence, human-centric computation, technological change in ICT analysis and public policy.

  • UTexas Austin – Portugal

    The UTexas Austin – Portugal Program focuses on advanced digital media, intensive graphical and interactive technologies, adavnced development of content, in particular in cinema and videos, and in the establishment of a network to stimulate commercialization activities of Science and Technology.

  • Harvard Medical School – Portugal

    The Harvard Medical School – Portugal Program focuses on translational medical research, and on the production and open dissemination through the Internet of medical and biomedical research content in Portuguese, with validated quality and destined to medical students, healthcare practitioners and the general public.

  • Fraunhofer – Portugal

    The Fraunhofer – Portugal Program focuses on the creation in Portugal of a Fraunhofer Center for Assistive Information and Communication Solutions, planned to evolve to be the 1st Fraunhofer Institute outside Germany.