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Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC)
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ICT at the XII Iberian-American Conference of Ministers of Culture

 - 28/04/2009

Ministry of Culture logo The XII Iberian-American Conference on Culture took place on 22nd April 2009 at the Centro Cultural de Belém in Lisbon. The Conference hosted ministers for culture from Iberian-American countries and included an intervention from the President of the Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC), speaking at the invitation of the Portuguese Minister for Culture, entitled The role of new technologies in promoting Shared Languages and Multiculturalism (in Portuguese).

This ministerial conference was dedicated to the topic “Portuguese and Spanish, Shared Languages, Instruments of Identity, Creativity and Multiculturalism” and resulted in the approval of a Declaration (in Portuguese), which, inter alia, includes:

  • a call for a joint contribution to protect, digitalise and circulate Iberian-American audiovisual memories as an instrument for recovering memories and a means for projecting a joint image to the world;
  • the intention to raise for the consideration of the XIX Iberian-American Heads of State and Government Summit the need for specific proposals for using languages in the Iberian-American area, the diversity of its cultures, as well as the innovations and creative industries that can stem from them;
  • cooperation in new cultural dissemination programmes, taking in cultural, scientific and educational journalism seminars and the development and training of new purveyors of scientific culture.
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