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Education and Training

ICT in Schools - Legislation

Basic ICT Skills Diploma - Legislation

Other Legislation - Education and Training

Society and Citizenship

Other Legislation - Society and Citizenship

Inclusion and Accessibility

Accessibility for citizens with special needs

Digital Content

Educational and Cultural Content - Legislation

Information of Public Interest - Legislation

Authors' rights

Infrastructures and Security

Security and Privacy - Legislation

Other Legislation - Infrastructures


Research and Development (R&D) - Legislation

Other Legislation - Knowledge

Knowledge Networks

Harvard Medical School – Portugal

Other Legislation - Knowledge Networks


Other Legislation - Enterprise

eCommerce - Legislation

eInvoicing - Legislation

New Technology Enterprises - Legislation

Public Services

Electronic Voting

The Citizen’s Card

The Citizen's Portal

The Enterprise's Portal

National Programme for eProcurement

Electronic Signatures

Electronic Communication with the Public Administration

Public Administration on the Internet

Reuse of documents in Public Administration

Other Legislation - Public Services

Forum for the Information Society

General Legislation about Information Society