The present Terms and Conditions regulate the relations between the user of the Portuguese Web Archive PWA and the FCCN.

If you do not agree with the present Terms and Conditions, please do not use the PWA.


For the effects of the present Terms and Conditions, the following definitions are used:

The acronym of the Portuguese Web Archive, a service provided through the address http://www.arquivo.pt, is managed by the FCCN. FCCN is the responsible for the PWA. The objective of the FCCN is the periodic archiving of Portuguese content made available on the internet and subsequently making it available to the public in general through an integrated search engine.
The FCCN, Foundation for National Scientific Computing, is a private not for profit institution with public utility status, with its headquarters at Avenida do Brasil, n.º. 101, 1700-066 Lisbon, collective person (VAT) number 501 822 500.
The person who accesses the contents made available through www.arquivo.pt, regardless of the use that that person makes of these.
All of the information, including text, image (namely, video, logos, photographs, design and graphics), sound, layout and any other data that are an integral part of the website to which the user has access through www.arquivo.pt.

Access to the Content:

Access to the contents is available free-of-charge and has the objective of support for work of an educational, scientific or research nature, whereby it is expressly forbidden to use it for commercial purposes.

Whenever the user reproduces or divulges a part or all of the contents to which he has access through www.arquivo.pt, he should, as well as complying with the terms of the law and/or the applicable contract, cite the PWA as a source, as well as the date on which the contents were gathered, according to the following format: [source: PWA, www.arquivo.pt, dd/mm/yyyy]

Conditions of Use:

The contents that the user accesses are protected by the contract or the applicable law national, European Community or by any other forum in relation to intellectual property, and, particularly, by the context of the protection of Copyright, whereby the user is fully responsible for taking precautions to avoid any violation or illegal use of the contents.

The contents accessed, which could include registered trademarks, free, well-known or of great prestige, models, signs, insignias, design, product names, establishment names or service names, company names, logos or other distinctive trade signs, may not be therefore used for commercial purposes or for distribution, nor may they be modified or forwarded to other sites, except if there is a legal provision to the contrary.

Limitation of Liability:

All of the contents and functions set out in the website www.arquivo.pt are made available in the state that they are in ("as is").

The FCCN may not be held responsible in relation to the complete exactitude, completeness or updating of any contents, except if it has acted in a fraudulent or grossly negligent manner.

The FCCN is not responsible for the contents that the user has access to through www.arquivo.pt, nor for the use that is made of these.

The FCCN is not responsible for the possible cancellation or suspension of the PWA, namely if this results from a law, a judicial decision or an alteration of the FCCN strategic policy.

If the FCCN has knowledge that it is storing contents that are manifestly illegal, it will proceed according to the terms of Law no. 7/2004, on 7 January, removing access to these or making access impossible.

For the effects foreseen in the previous point, whenever the user has knowledge that a specific content that it has accessed is illegal, he should inform the FCCN of this fact, at the contacts identified at www.arquivo.pt.

Use of the website www.arquivo.pt:

The insertion, alteration or suppression of the information or characteristics of the website www.arquivo.pt, carried out by the user, as well as specifically interference with the computer system that serves as supports it in order to stop or disturb its functioning and, in general, all behaviors that embody the practice of crimes related to computer systems are prohibited and punishable according to the terms of the law, such that the FCCN shall initiate proceedings for the infractor to be civilly or criminally punished.

Cancellation and Suspension:

The FCCN reserves the right to, at any time and without the need for prior notification, cancel or suspend the PWA for an unspecified time. The PWA may be suspended due to, namely, the carrying out of maintenance activities, implementation of new developments, among others. In these cases, the FCCN shall make every effort to create the lowest possible disturbance to its functioning.


Any litigation arising from these Terms and Conditions, will be settled by the competent court of law in Lisbon with express exclusion of any other.


The present Terms and Conditions of Service may be altered at any time and without prior notification.The date of the most recent alteration is identified at the beginning of this document.

Questions and additional information:

Any questions or additional information should be addressed to secretaria@fccn.pt and will be responded as soon as possible.

Last modification: 8 January 2020