On Assignment: Ecuador

Join us as we head towards the equator, with a reconnaissance of the fascinating country of Ecuador. Terraquest director Christian Kallen is trekking the mountains, rainforests and islands of the equator gathering material for Virtual Galapagos and 24 Hours in Cyberspace. He'll be sending up the scoop (with digital pictures to boot!) from 0 degrees latitude for the next two weeks!

Virtual Antarctica

Visit our pilot expedition to the world's most remote wilderness with the web's most sophisticated communications links. In a few short weeks, we built one of the Web's richest and most complete sources of information on Antarctica's wildlife, geology, history and ecology. Then we "went virtual" for an actual expedition to the Frozen Continent in December. It was an incredible experience, and there's still time for you to enjoy it.

Join David Brower and the Terraquest team in the Galapagos this May and share your experiences with the world through Virtual Galapagos. Check it out today while there are still some cabins available!

Our next generation of expeditions fully exploit many of the features of Netscape 2.0, including frames and the Shockwave plug-in. After you're bookmarked, be sure to download these powerful tools to enhance your web expedition.

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