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What's new in GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP 10?

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  • GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP 10
  • Article ID: KBID002652
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    GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP now offers the following new features and improvements.

    • Support for a new anti-virus engine - Grisoft AVG: Grisoft AVG have various certifications and various awards including but not limited to ICSALabs, WestCoastLabs Checkmark, TÜV Monitored Virus Protection and VB100% awards.

    • Enable easy quarantine folder monitoring through RSS feeds: RSS feeds are now available with GFI MailSecurity 10, automatically notifying administrators of quarantined email through their RSS reader. Administrators can monitor their quarantine without having to login to the quarantine console; instead, administrators are notified of quarantined email through RSS feeds. This ability significantly reduces the amount of time administrators spend by automatically updating them on email quarantine status.

    • Quarantine Directory Harvest Protection: The new Quarantine Directory Harvest Protection will automatically delete any inbound quarantine emails whose recipient email addresss doesn’t exist in Active Directory/LDAP ensuring that the quarantine store is clean.

    • Introduced Virus Scanning Optimizations: It is now possible to configure some optimizations related to virus scanning in the 'Virus Scanning Engines' node. One optimization which can be configured involves stopping virus scanning once a configurable number of virus scanners have determined that an item contains a virus.

    • Updated HTML sanitization to handle emerging trends in HTML threats: The GFI MailSecurity HTML sanitization has been updated to offer improved protection against malicious HTML making use of malformed Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

    • Quarantine Search Folders Auto-Purging capabilities: It is now possible to configure a Time-To-Live interval, in days, for items in the GFI MailSecurity quarantine. Items in the quarantine which satisfy the criteria of a particular Search Folder and have been in the quarantine for a longer time than the Time-To-Live configured for that Search Folder will automatically be purged from the quarantine.

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