29 February 2008

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National Laws
Legislation of INTERPOL member states on sexual offences against children
Indonesia - Indonésie - Indonesia


I. Ages for legal purposes

Age of simple majority

According to the Indonesian Civil code 18 years for males and 15 years for females. According to Indonesian Penal code under age means any body that has not reached 16 years.

Age of consent for sexual activity

For male 19 years, for female 16 years.

Age of consent for marriage

For male 18 years for female 15 years.



Article 285

Anybody who is having sexual intercourse by force or threat or enforcing a woman to commit adultery with out marriage will be punished with imprisonment up to 12 years.


III.Other forms of child sex abuse

Indonesian Penal Code

  1. Violation of descent-paragraph 281-283

  2. Any sexual act outside of marriage-paragraph 284

  3. Sexual intercourse with children- paragraph 287and 288

  4. Indecent- paragraphe 289

  5. Incest-paragraph 294


IV. Child prostitution

There are no special legal provisions, but the article mentioned above can be applied. ( Article287-295)


V. Child pornography

There are no particular legal provisions, but related articles may be applied.
For the instant the mere possession of a pornography picture , video, compact disc, books, magazines is punishable. Sending SMS picture is also punishable.


VI. Internet

The current Indonesian legislation does not cover this area, but the articles that are in relation with this case are used.


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