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ORBITA Wireless Media Mouse. Could this be the new REVOLUTION in Gaming.

15/10/2008 Cyber Sport is poised to release the revolutionary new Wireless Media mouse early December 2009. Although this mouse is not your ideal shooter mouse it is revolutionary in navigating in 3D environments like 2nd Life, Google, Strategy games and more ..... read full story

Stinger gaming mouse awards just keep on coming!

12/08/2008 Review after review are coming up with the same answer. The Stinger gaming mouse is a WINNER! Voted as the best feature packed performance gaming mouse on the market. ... read full story

Win with Cyber Snipa and XSReviews!

01/07/2008 Wanna have the latest Cyber Snipa gear for free? Just go to our partner website XSReviews and win ... read full story

Live2Win starts Season 2 of the Cyber Snipa COD4 League

22/05/2008 The sign in started for the Cyber Snipa COD4 League by Live2Win! The Season 2 is close to come - so hurry up for the chance to win prizes in a value of 4000 ! ... read full story

Win 10 Hot Prizes in 10 Days

09/04/2008 Together with our German friends from Caseumbau, you have the chance to win great Cyber Snipa prizes... read full story

Cyber Sport at CeBIT 2008

18/03/2008 The Cyber Sport team arrived back home to Sydney/Australia from a very exciting CeBIT in Hannover... read full story

Stinger Mouse

Cyber Snipa Stinger MouseThe Cyber Snipa Stinger takes the final step in the evolution ..

Game Pad 2

Cyber Snipa Game Pad 2Get on top of the game. Plug it in and play the field!

Sonar Headset

Sonar HeadsetSonar 2.0 headset make it a highly portable audio device, perfect for the gamer on the go.

Sonar 5.1 Headset

Sonar 5.1 HeadsetWith true 5.1 surround sound you can stalk your enemies from across the map ..

Intelliscope™ Mouse

Cyber Snipa Intelliscope MouseStalk the enemy with the Intelliscope™ Laser Mouse!

S.W.A.T.™ Mouse

Cyber Snipa S.W.A.T. MouseThe S.W.A.T.™ Mouse has a fully loaded arsenal for your Squad!

Aluminium Mouse Pad

Cyber Snipa™ Aluminium Mouse PadConquer the enemy with this stylish Aluminium Mouse Pad!

Tracer™ Mouse Pad

Cyber Snipa™ Tracer™ MousepadHigh combat performance with Tracer™!

Spotter™ Webcam

Cyber Snipa™ Spotter™ WebcamStay in the action with the stable and sturdy Spotter™ Webcam

Scout™ Webcam

Cyber Snipa™ Scout™ WebcamConference from around the world with the Cyber Snipa™ Scout™ Webcam!

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Stinger Mouse Sonar 5.1 Headset