The Princely House of Jablonowski
Copyright Rafal Heydel-Mankoo, 1999.
The editor of the new edition of the Almanach de Gotha invited me to contribute the entry for my grandmother's family. I agreed and include below the product of my efforts. As a non-Royal and non-Mediatised Princely House, the Jablonowskis enter as a Part III family. As such, the House appears in the second volume of the Almanach de Gotha. Unfortunately, the published entry contains several errors and ommissions. It is not to be regarded as accurate. The submission below is how the entry should have appeared.
(Extinct in the male line)

Catholic--Noble feudal family from Polish Prussia. Records of family date to c. 1454.  Family descends from Gregory of Jablonowo, Strasbourg, West Prussia, born c. 1510.  Title of Prince of the Holy Roman Empire (non-hereditary) granted in 1698 to Grand-General (Hetman) of the Polish Crown, Stanislaw Jan Jablonowski, b. 1634, + 1702, by Emperor Leopold I.  Hereditary title of Prince (HRE) with qualification of "Durchlaucht" granted to Jozef Aleksander Jablonowski b. 1711, + 1777, founder of the Societas Jablonoviana in Leipzig (extant), 16 April 1743 by Emperor Charles VII; Hereditary Princely title also granted to Field Marshal Jan Kajetan Jablonowski b. 1700 d. 1764, Grandee of Spain and Knight of the Golden Fleece, 4 April 1744 and to Jan Kajetan's brothers, Stanislaw Wincenty Jablonowski b. 1694, + 1754 and Dimityr Hippolyte Jablonowski b. 1706 + 1788 by Emperor Charles VII, LP for grants to Stanislaw and Dymitr 30/April/1744. Jan Kajetan's grant was confirmed in Austria in 1773. Russian confirmation of the title of Prince for Maximilian Peter Casimir Jablonowski, Grand Master of the Imperial Crown, and for his nephew, Antoni Michael Constantine Jablonowski, by Tsar Nicholas I, 29 March 1844, and Polish confirmation for Wladyslaw Eustachy (son of Prince Maximilian Peter), 1845.  This line from Stanislaw Wincenty is now extinct.  Title of Prince [Fuerst] Jablonowski (Austrian) for Ludwik Jablonowski (grandson of Dimityr Hippolyte), Austrian Minister at Naples, Chamberlain to the Emperor of Austria; b. 5. Aug. 1784, + Venice, 31 May, 1864, by Emperor Francis I, 14/Nov./1820, and LP Vienna, 18/March/1827.  Qualification of "Serene Highness" [Durchlaucht] (Austrian) for the family by Emperor Francis Joseph, 20/July/1905 and LP 14/March/1906.
+ Charles-Ludwik, 5th Fuerst Jablonowski, Serene Highness, b. Vienna 14 March 1857, + Gratz 7 Nov. 1925; son of Prince Maurice, b. 2 Sept. 1809, + 31 March 1868 by his second wife, Jeanne Kern, born in Vienna 25 Nov. 1831, married in London 5 Sept. 1859, + Vienna 13 Oct. 1913; m. in Gratz 19 July 1915 to Eugene-Maria-Theresa widow Rothstein, nee de Legrenzi, born in Leipnik 9 Sept. 1868.

                      Brothers of Father

a) from the 1st marriage of the grand-father, Ludwik, 1st Fuerst, to Countess Caroline Woyna, b. 1st Nov. 1786, m. 8 June 1805, +17 Jan. 1840, d. of Franciszek Xavier Count Woyna by his wife Tekla Czaplic.

1. + Charles, 2nd Fuerst Jablonowski, b. 13 March 1807, + 19 April 1885; m. 15 Oct. 1834 to Countess Eleanor Skarbek, b. 12 OCt. 1816, + 12 May 1870, d. of Ignacy Count Skarbek by his wife Ludwika Potocka.

Son: + Stanislaw-Maria-Ferdinand, 3rd Fuerst Jablonowski, Serene Highness, b.Bursztyn Palace 19 Jan. 1846, + ibidem 5 July 1909, owner of the seigneuries of Bursztyn, Tenetniki, Nastaszczyn, Leonowka, Kunicze, Jezierzany, Ludowikowka, Junaszkow and Kuropatniki in Galicia; m. in L'vov 8 Aug. 1876 to Jadwiga Stecka, b. in Zytomir 3 Aug. 1848, + L'vov 3 May 1933, d. of Henry Stecki by his wife Countess Jadwiga Ilinska.

(1) + Princess Maria-Eleanor-Caroline-Sophie; b. Bursztyn Palace 20 July 1877,    + Krakow 18 Jan. 1965; m. at Bursztyn Palace 16 July 1900 to Jan Gorayski, Chamberlain and owner ofthe seigneuries of Szebnie and Siedlisca in Galicia.

(2) + Stanislaw-Maria-Ludwik-Mathias, 4th Fuerst Jablonowski, Serene Highness, b. Bursztyn Palace, 24 Feb. 1879, + L'vov 28 Aug. 1921; m. in Athens 7 April 1905 to Jadwiga Gozdawa-Mineyko, b. in Athens 18 May 1886, + Bursztyn Palace 2 May 1932, d. of Zygmunt Gozdawa-Mineyko VM (Virtuti Militari--Highest Polish military decoration) and honorary citizen of Greece, by his wife Proserpina Manarys.
           a. + HSH Princess Karolina-Katarzyna, b. Patras, Greece 5 Feb. 1906, + Oborniki, Poland 26 June 1956; m. in L'vov 11 Aug. 1925 Baron Adam Heydel, b. Beremiany Manor, 22 Aug. 1895, + Wolomin, Poland 25 Aug. 1975, owner of the seigneury of Sosnow, son of Franciszek Baron Heydel by his wife Countess Melania Dzieduszycka.
           b. + HSH Princess Maria-Cecylia, b. Patras, Greece 10 Jan. 1907 + Krakow, Poland 25. Feb. 1977; m. L'vov 23 June 1931 Stanislaw Franciszek Chebda de Cienie Cienski, Knight of Honour and Devotion in the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, b. L'vov 16 April 1898, + Krakow May 6 1993, owner of the seigneury of Pieniaki, son of Thaddeus Chebda de Cienie Cienski by his wife Countess Maria Elizabeth Dzieduszycka.
           c.  HSH Princess Zofia, b. Bursztyn Palace, 31 Aug. 1908, Dame of Honour and Devotion in the Sovereign Military Order of Malta; m. L'vov 25 Aug. 1930 Xavier Michal Puslowski, b. Pieski, Byelorus 29 Sept. 1905, + London 6 Jan. 1998, owner of the seigneury of Albertyn in Slonim, Knight of Honour and Devotion in the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, son of Count Wladyslaw Puslowski by his wife Princess Christina Pignatelli d'Aragon y Cortes (HRE).
(1 Stanley Mansions, Park Walk, London SW10 OAG)
           d. + HSH Princess Teresa Ewa Jadwiga, b. Bursztyn Palace 2 Dec. 1910, + Wroclaw 11 Jan. 1988.

(3) + Princess Eleanor-Maria-Jadwiga-Paula, b. Bursztyn Palace 18 Aug. 1884, + Krakow 25 May 1977; m. L'vov 9 Jan. 1904 Count Julian Bielski, b. L'vov 28 Feb. 1862, + (deported to USSR) Kazachstan 4 Nov. 1941, owner of the seigneuries of Rychcire, Roszniow and Jurkowa in Galicia.

b) From second marriage of grand-father with Louise de Marin, b. 3 Mar. 1813, m. 16 June 1841, + 19 Sept. 1900

2. + Prince Stanislaw, b. Venice 17 Aug. 1844, + Krakow 3 Nov. 1904; m. in Krakow 2 Feb. 1872 to Stephanie Janszyn-Massalewska, b. Plozk 20 Dec. 1849, + 1934.


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Note: The Jablonowski Palace in Krakow located at 20 Rynek has been known by various names: Wodzicki, Zagorski, Jablonowski and Potocki. It is now owned by Count Jan Potocki but many people, including myself, still refer to it as the Jablonowski Palace. The Jablonowski and Wielopolski herbs are  still present surmounting the facade of the palace. Some of these links may refer to the Wodzicki or Potocki palace but they are all referring to the building at 20 Rynek.
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