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Unless thinking men and women in the United States awaken to the apocalyptic potential of Boasianism, we shall sooner or later be overrun by barbarians who will make the Visigoths, Franks and Vandals look like Boy Scouts.

Rape Themes in Beethoven's Ninth Symphony & the Triumph of Franz Boaz. A glimpse into the abyss of our multicultural future

Midnight at the newspaper office. I'm working on a column about the misguided notion that computers in every American classroom will be a panacea for all our nation's educational woes, when who should walk in but our resident computer geek, who informs me that there's a glitch in the network and he'll have to take the system down to administer whatever cyber-chicken-soup is needed to cure the virus.

Welcome to the future. So while Carl the Computer Guy runs the anit bug program, I get a cup of coffee and watch the wizard at work. We start chatting about education and politics, and I discover we're on more or less the same page. Turns out he's only a year older than me I'm 37 and a family man who's bumped up against the evils of the It-Takes-A-Villages set and is fully aware of the ghastly monstrosity that is postmodern liberalism.

Pretty soon we're grooving along, Carl and I, venting upon the insipidity of the 22-year-old feminist receptionist who can only express her reasons for voting for Bill Clinton by making reference to a "Saturday Night-Live" skit lampooning Bob Dole. For a techno geek, it turns out, Carl the Computer Guy is a politically astute fellow.

We're in high gear now, blasting away at the bloody Baal of multicultural diversity when I make an allusion to "Boasian relativism." This doesn’t quite seem to register with Carl the Computer Guy, which of course gives Mr. Ideology the perfect chance to provide a mini history on the pedigree of multiculturalism, a lecture which -- like the A.A. member telling the story of his battles with Demon Rum -- I shall never tire of repeating. Take notes, children, this will be on your exam.

In the late 19th century, courtesy of our Gallic friends and poetess Emma Lazarus, Liberty's lamp welcomed through the golden door one piece of wretched [Jewish] refuse named Franz Boaz. A socialist and a professor, among other things, Boaz soon found himself ensconced at Columbia University, teaching anthropology to impressionable American youth, including Margaret Mead. Now our immigrant friend Dr. Boaz, feeling himself to have been the victim of Dreyfuss-era European anti-Semitism, wished to counter the ethnocentricity and cultural chauvinism then prevalent in the developing West. He also wished to enable his students to better understand distant and exotic societies. Thus, he became the pioneer of an ideology which has since come to be known as cultural relativism, otherwise styled "Boasian relativism" or the more succinct "Boasianism."

To a certain extent, within the strict academic disciplines of anthropology and sociology, Boasian relativism is a useful tool for the researcher. It was especially innovative for students from Victorian backgrounds attempting to chronicle the customs and beliefs of alien cultures in faraway lands. Suffice it to say that advancing our knowledge of mankind is a tad difficult to do, if researchers in the field a resenting back reports replete with value laden discussions of the "heathen superstitions and abominably pagan practices of the savage idolaters on Funga-Funga." If science wishes to chronicle and explain why fire worshipers on remote islands believe what they believe and do what they do, it may be best -- as a purely academic exercise -- to lay aside for a moment our own values and prejudices, and instead simply annotate and explicate those alien beliefs and practices.

And thus, in the interest of pure science, we remove questions of morality from the equation while delineating the societal norms of, say, the Mississippian mound-builders who dominated the Southeastern U.S. during late pre-Columbian times.

In the hands of a disinterested anthropologist, then, Boasian relativism is a perfectly legitimate tool. But that doesn't mean that pre-Columbianmound-builders weren't idolatrous heathen barbarians. They were indeed. Although in some cases and in some ways, the indigenous of 15th-century America were what we might call remarkably advanced, even civilized, distinctions such as "advanced" and "civilized" are alien to the language of relativism. In the light of pure Boasian doctrine, all cultures are created equal, and it is wrong for us to attempt to construct hierarchies by which to impose judgement upon other cultures, since we are merely judging others according to our own cultural prejudices. "Can you," dear brother, "paint with all the colors of the wind?"

So there in the first decade of the 20th century, you see, Dr. Boas planted the ideological seed of modern multiculturalism, although it took the better part of the century for such notions to gain a solid foothold in the academy and to begin oozing, then trickling and now pouring out into our politics, our culture, our everyday lives. What had been created(at least so its early adherents claimed) as an intellectual tool for scientific investigation of the various conditions of mankind, has now been eagerly seized by every group with an axe to grind against Western civilization and, especially, its traditional American manifestation.

The scientist's scalpel has become a scimitar, a bludgeon, a blackjack in the brawny fists of every radical feminist, every homosexual advocate and every victim mongering "activist" for every oppressed ethnic minority on earth.

So it is that the children of Vietnamese refugees who fled socialist tyranny in rickety boats are taught to celebrate Kwanzaa and bemoan the fate of those who died in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. So it is that Appalachian children whose coal-miner grandfathers died of black lung are battered over the head with a sense of personal responsibility for the suffering of Japanese American internees during WWII. So it is that, instead of memorizing passages of Long fellow and Shakespeare, American kids are treated to the poetic glories of Nikki Giovanni.

Oppression is the measure of one's worth, victimhood is the supreme virtue and if there is, somewhere on some isolated atoll in the Indian Ocean, a matriarchal society which tolerates homosexuality and has some ancient intertribal belief in the communal ownership of property, you can bet your bottom dollar that a Ford Foundation grant will help a panel of Berkeley postgraduates turn that society's story into a chapter in your kid’s sixth-grade social studies text, complete with illustrations and accompanied by an hour-long video (*optional) available to your local school system for the modest sum of $69.95.

Now, it is easy to have sport with this idiotic ideology, especially if one is so fortunate as to have been the recipient of an education based upon the distinct cultural heritage known as Western civilization. Such educations are extremely rare -- or at least extremely unfashionable -- in modern public schools. But while we have a laugh at the latest idiocies of people who shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars so that Left Coast feminists can detect perversion and oppression in the symphonic majesty of Beethoven, let us not forget that, as a wise man once wrote, ideas have consequences.

One very important idea to keep in mind is that it was not fire-worshipping savages and matriarchal polyandrous societies who established an intellectual system through which mankind not only developed steamboats, aeroplanes and other mechanical marvels that allowed Western man to travel to the farthest extent of human habitation, but also a system by which he was able to explain the lives of the human she discovered when he got there. That is to say that even Boasian relativism -- the cornerstone of multiculturalism, tolerance and diversity -- is a product of the same Western civilization which it now presumes to critique, if not indeed to destroy.

In the hands of gynocentric inverts, alienated ethnic warriors and apologists for every decadent depravity under the sun, the spawn of Franz Boas is a cultural shibboleth as powerful as any weapon in America’s thermonuclear arsenal. It is Pandora's box opened, the adder nursed to our breast, the parricidal parasite of modern society, cannibalizing all the greatest manifestations of the very civilization which first allowed it to flourish.

Unless thinking men and women in the United States awaken to the apocalyptic potential of Boasianism, we shall sooner or later be overrun by barbarians who will make the Visigoths, Franks and Vandals look like Boy Scouts. I'm betting on sooner. We talked about all this, Carl the Computer Guy and I, staring down the tunnel -- not across the bridge --into a future which looks like no future at all. I thought perhaps I saw a sign over the entrance to the tunnel:

"Welcome to the future. Abandon all hope ye who enter here."

The author of this essay, Robert Stacy McCain, is a journalist for the RomeNews Tribune and a member of the Southern League. NEWS ITEM: Susan McClary, feminist musicologist at UCLA, is awarded a six-figure "genius grant" from the MacArthur Foundation to further her research into the expressions of male hegemony, phallic symbolism and patriarchal violence in classical music, including the discovery that Ludwig Van Beethoven's Ninth Symphony expresses "the throttling murderous rage of a rapist incapable of attaining release." (reported by John Leo, U.S. News & World Report, 1995

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