Imam Square

Isfahan, Iran

Submitted by: pradip joshi

The most beautiful, breathtaking public square in the world.

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Why It Works

The great square in Isfahan is 160 meters wide by 560 meters long. It is lined with shops, cafes, and in the north, a great Shah Mosque, which is one of the great buildings in the world. On the north side is Luftallah Mosque, one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. The south side has an entrance to the bazaar. It is a wonderful site and the finest square in the world. In my view, to see the sunset looking towards the north and the Shah Mosque is one of the finest sites in the world

What Makes Imam Square a Great Place?

It is the central square of Isfahan, a city of a million people. There are merchants, cafes and shops.

It is clean. Men and women both use the square in equal measure. You can find a place to sit. The first impression is of awe and wonderment.

All age groups use the square. All activities take place, and it is enjoyable to see the children playing.

The mood of the people is welcoming and friendly. The square is used both by groups and by individuals. Yes, there is local pride by the people. It is seen as the meeting place of the city. Mostly locals go there, as tourists are rarely in the area.

Contact Info:

Iran Touring and Tourism Organization: (021) 643 5650

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User Comments:

11/20/03 Kristen Angel said:
For additional pictures of the area (gorgeous), visit the Iran Tourism and Touring Organization's Esfahan page (scroll to bottom for the pictures).
01/31/08 farzaneh bahrami said:
About Square even if it doesnt matter ! but its good to know that in fact here is square which means and if you look for Imam square in isfahan asking for adress u can hardly find people knowing that square as square which is a post-revolution name and doesnt have anything to do with the identity of the place which i think is important specially talking about historical Great Places.
07/09/08 Mohammad Reza Tavangar said:
yes that's true. after the revolution the name of many urban spaces in iran were changed. specially those which their names were related with Shahs (Persian Kings). but after 30 years the identity of place is returning to its body. Imam Square with its philosophic background (Isfahan School), now is known with its old name: Naghsh-e-Jahan Square (the Figure of the World).

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