Sun 5 Jul 2009 | 13:06 BST
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North Korea may have shot mid-range missile 9:48am BST

SEOUL (Reuters) - The U.S. pointman for sanctions on North Korea begins talks in Malaysia on Sunday, possibly on links banks have to the North's finances, while a report said Pyongyang may have shot mid-range missiles in a series fired on Saturday.  Full Article


the week ahead

Traders work the floor of the New York Stock Exchange in New York June 23, 2009.
Recovery in second half?

Investors have entered the third quarter deeply divided about whether to invest or remain cautious.  Full Article 


Watchdog urges public sector pay freeze 12:28pm BST 

LONDON (Reuters) - A pay freeze for the six million public sector workers would be one of the least painful ways of rebalancing the public finances, the head of the country's independent spending watchdog said on Sunday.  Full Article  

OAS suspends Honduras over coup against Zelaya 7:54am BST 

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Organisation of American States suspended Honduras on Saturday after a caretaker government refused to reinstate President Manuel Zelaya, who was toppled in a coup a week ago.  Full Article  

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