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In an effort to reduce the number of duplicate questions we receive, we have posted a listing of the questions that we get asked the most (we have posted our answers too!). Please take look through these before you send us an email to see if the info you desire is listed. If you have other questions or want further information, please use the submittal below.
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"Amanda, what is Half Jack/Mrs. O/Girl Anachronism/672/whatevs about?"

That would take all teh fun away, wouldn't it? But you can join in the speculation on www.theshadowbox.net or http://www.songmeanings.net/artist.php?aid=137438961031

"Amanda, are your eyebrows tattoos?"
No, I was born this way. I am a specially bred member of the Illuminati and they function sort of like alien bar codes. Every time I travel to the center of the earth I have to press my face up against a large glass cog with laser beams scanning my face to gain admittance. For those of you who want the look, though, I suggest a Mach 3 and Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner in Black or Dark Gray.

" Where are The Dresden Dolls from?"
We hail from Boston, Massachusetts, Amerika. We don't spend much time  there as of late, since we're Touring Endlessly. Amanda grew up outside  Boston in the suburbs and Brian grew up in Southern New Hampshire (about an hour from Boston).

"I'm 9 and I want to see your show that's 21+. Can you put me on the list? Please?"
As much as I wish we could do this, we just can't. The clubs would get sued and everybody would be sad. We try to book as many all ages shows as possible, so take heart.

"Where can I get a copy of pierre/amsterdam/war pigs/etc?"
There are tons of downloadable tracks on www.thedirtybusinessbrigade.net and www.automaticjoy.com. if you can't find what you're looking for, ask the fine forum folks at www.theshadowbox.net

"Are you guys a couple?"
A couple of freaks.

I would love to photograph/audiotape/videotape a show. Can I?
Tapers must agree to provide a copy of their recording to the band. For more info, please e-mail archive@dresdendolls.com or send a copy of your work to:
The Dresden Dolls
PO Box 230178
Boston, MA

The Dresden Dolls allow audio taping at almost every live performance. We feel that each show is unique and want to offer our fans the opportunity to recreate the live experience through the audio reproduction of our shows. At all taping authorized performances, tapers can tape from any ticketed seating location in the venue.

When The Dresden Dolls are not headlining a show we always defer to the taping policy of the headliner or the festival.

Taping is limited to audio-only, using only microphones. Please, no wireless receivers. We sincerely appreciate all of our fans, so we ask that you please be considerate of those around you by not obstructing anyone else's view of the performance. When taper tickets are available for a particular show, they are released concurrently with general seating tickets. To obtain designated taper tickets, contact the venue's box office.

All recordings must be used for personal use or trading only. Selling or commercializing any recording is illegal. Please read our Bootleg Statement for more information.

From time to time we may record some of our shows for a live album or DVD, and we may not allow taping at those shows or we may notify you that we are going to commercially release our tapes from the show at which time we will ask you to withdraw all of your tapes from that show(s) from further trading.

Audio & Video
All audio and video performances belong to The Dresden Dolls and are not available for promotional use without the prior written consent of The Dresden Dolls. Please read our Bootleg Statement for more information. Video tapers must follow the same guidelines as audio tapers. that included sending us a copy (DVD format is best, or mini DV. VHS makes our heads explode).

When you're done....
Please go to www.theshadowbox.net and share your wares. Folks there are very helpful and will help you find space for your mp3s, etc.

Bootleg Statement
A notice to our fans about Bootleg Recordings: We would like to let you know that the dolls encourage the taping of his performances, but only for personal use, including trading, as outlined in the Taping Policy Statement. The resale of recordings of our concerts is a concern to us, but primarily, they are an illegal use that threaten the taping privileges.

We would be extremely grateful to any of you who pass along information about commercialized bootleg recordings. We encourage you to email us the name and locations of any retailers or distributors of bootleg CD's along with the titles and quantities in stock. We can be reached by email at contacttheband@dresdendolls.com.

Audience taping at The Dresden Dolls' concerts is authorized for non-commercial purposes only. Unauthorized sale, duplication and/or distribution is strictly forbidden. All Dresden Dolls performances and recordings are the exclusive property of The Dresden Dolls. All rights reserved.

The privileges to record The Dresden Dolls performances set forth in this policy constitute an express, revocable license. We reserve the right to withdraw our sanction of recording, tape trading, and/or non-commercial digital audio file transfers on a case specific basis or in general, as we deem necessary. No waiver of any copyright or trademark right is intended.

Any questions regarding this policy may be addressed to contacttheband@dresdendolls.com

"Where did the band's name come from?"
Dresden is a city in eastern Germany that was known widely for it's delicate china and porcelain, and for the delicate and innocent “dresden dolls” made from said stuffs. Ironically, many people also associate Dresden with the not-so-delicate firebombing that took place at the hands of the allies towards the very end of WWII in 1945, practically levelling the entire inner city (and it's unparalleled architectural beauty) within a few short days and killing thousands of men, women and children. If you're interested in an excellent book touching on the subject, written from an American soldier's artistic perspective, check out “Slaughterhouse Five” by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

"Can I have your autograph?"
Yes. Send us your address, or better yet, mail something to be autographed to the address below.

"I, too, make musical sounds and want to send you an reproduced rendition of my latest works. Where can I send it?"
To the address below, my friend. We're touring A LOT, so give us a chance to get back to you. But we do listen to everything that gets sent eventually. Make sure you put your contact info on the disc.

"Here's a link to my band. Can we open for you in Boston/Seattle/New Orleans/Paris/Port-Au-Prince."
We don't have web access on the road. Send a disc to the address below and we'll check it out. As far as opening goes, if we dig your stuff enough to ask you to open you will definitely hear from us or someone who is helping with the booking.

"I made a Velvet Painting of The Dresden Dolls kneeling at the altar of Graceland. Where can I send it?"
Send all artwork to the address below....and please sign your work for posterity. Also, make sure your name and email/phone are on it somewhere in case we ever display it and want to get in touch. We'd also love you to post your artwork on the forum at http://www.theshadowbox.net (under art/photos) and email scans/images to art@dresdendolls.com for use on the website. Please include any URL or other info you'd like us to include when we display it.

"Is Eight Foot Records accepting demos? Do you need interns?"
By all means, send your music along to the address below. Who knows. We are set for interns at the moment. They all sleep under Amanda's bed at night, huddled together for warmth.

"What is the song 672 about?"
We don't know.

"I want to be a statue/fire-breather/stripper at your next show in my city. What's the next step?"
First take a deep breath. Then go to here and see what's going on. Chances are you are not alone and there will be people there with whom to plan and commiserate.

"I want to play your songs on the piano! Do you have sheet music?"
After years in the making, The Dresden Dolls' first songbook will be arriving in January. ABOUT F*^&ING TIME.  
 This extraordinary 180+ page book contains tons of  never-before-seen photos of the band throughout the years, sheet  music/guitar tabs from the band's debut record, The Dresden Dolls, and  extensive insight into the song-writing, song-meanings and process by  which the record was prepared and recorded. Each page of sheet music  has scribbled extras and suggestions hand-written in by Amanda. This  first edition of the book also includes a 20-minute video disc  featuring an intimate interview (edited by Michael Pope) between Amanda  and film-maker Wojtek Gwiazda as she was pasting together the artwork  for the album in her kitchen (and in sexy man underwear) in the summer  of 2003. The book is bound with a strong spiral binding so it doesn't  snap shut when laid on a piano, because Amanda knows how annoying that  is. The Songbook will be available January 15, 2006. At $40 this will  be a must-have collectors item for musicians and fans alike.
This book is a wonderful holiday gift. If you pre-order by  December 18, we will send you a pretty envelope and signed postcard  from the band (guaranteed arrival by X-mas) to put under the tree  indicating the gift's arrival in January.
Pre-Orders are available Here:  http://www.jsrdirect.com/bands/dresdendolls/  

"I took pictures at your last show and they're amazing. Do you want me to send them to you?"
Yes. Yes. Yes. But instead of sending them directly, post them for eveyone (including us) to see at www.theshadowbox.net.

"When are you playing in my city, godammit?"
Soon. Now don't get your panties all in a twist. Every confirmed show we know of is up at www.dresdendolls.com/calendar.
Join our mailing list... and you'll be the first to know when more dates get announced.

"I want to help you promote shows. Do you have a street team?"
Yes, indeed we do. Join the mailing list and street team. Click here

"I run a club and want to book you."
We're happy. Email booking@dresdendolls.com.

"How long have you been playing for?"
Individually, forever. As a band: since fall of 2000.

"When is your new album coming out? What songs will be on it? I am sick and fucking tired of waiting."
Patience. We're working on it. And it's secret.

"I ordered a shirt/CD/poster from you guys and I haven’t gotten it yet, can you send it to me please?”
Our merchandise is handled by JSR Direct, if you have any questions or concerns about an order you placed please email custserv5@jsrdirect.com - don’t email us – we cannot tell you where your order is or what went wrong. The people at JSR are very nice, so please ask them!

"What is the song “coin-operated boy” about? Is it about a dildo? I have fifty bucks riding on this.”
It is not about a dildo. It is about lonliness.

"Will you be making anymore “Karaoke Verité” videos in the future?”
Yes indeed. And you are free to request songs.

c/o Madison House Inc.
628 Broadway #502
New York, NY 10012

(please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope)