Hellboy Junior TPB
Trade Paperback, First Edition

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Publisher: Dark Horse Books
Publication Date: January 2004
Cover Price: $17.95 USD
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The most bizarre Hellboy spin-off is collected in one volume. Bill Wray joins Mike Mignola and a talented lineup of humor cartoonists to re-imagine a young, diaper-clad Hellboy and a host of other twisted children's characters.

Includes the outrageous Mignola-drawn tale "Squid of Man" and many others. Take a look inside!

"The Creation of Hellboy, Jr." from Hellboy Junior Halloween Special.
"Hellboy Junior: The Devil Don't Smoke" from Hellboy Junior Halloween Special.
"Hellboy, Jr. Gets a Car" from Hellboy Junior #2.
"Hellboy Junior: The House of Candy Pain" from Hellboy Junior #2.
"Hellboy Junior: Maggots, Maggots, Everywhere" from Hellboy Junior Halloween Special.
"Hellboy Junior: Magical Mushroom Trip" from Hellboy Junior #1.
"Hellboy Jr. vs Hitler" premieres in this First Edition TPB.

This volume collects all the material from Hellboy Junior Halloween Special, Hellboy Junior #1, and Hellboy Junior #2. It also premieres the story "Hellboy Jr. vs Hitler," a new strip on "Hitler [in Hell]," and a parody ad for the Spear of Destiny.

Includes pin-ups by Glenn Barr, Hilary Barta (Hellboy Junior #2 cover art), Stephen DeStefano, Kevin Nowlan, and Bill Wray. Features a 6-page sketchbook with art by Bill Wray, Pat McEown, and Stephen DeStefano.

Also collects "Wheezy the Sick Little Witch," "The Ginger Beef Boy," and "Somnambo the Sleeping Giant" from Hellboy Junior Halloween Special. Collects "The Wolvertons" from Hellboy Junior #1. Collects "Sparky Bear" and "Huge Retarded Duck" from Hellboy Junior #2. Collects the hilarious "Squid of Man" by Bill Wray and Mike Mignola from from Hellboy Junior #1.

Cover by Bill Wray; Featuring work by Glenn Barr, Hilary Barta, Dave Cooper, John Costanza, Stephen DeStefano, Pat McEown, Mike Mignola, Kevin Nowlan, Dave Stewart, and Bill Wray; Editing by Scott Allie with Matt Dryer; Introduction by Steve Niles; Collection design by Amy Arendts; Published by Mike Richardson.

Format: Trade paperback. Full-color art. {{Add #}} pages.
Size: Approximately 6-5/8" x 10-1/4".
US Release Date: [January 28, 2004]
ISBN-10: 1569719888

US Editions Of This Collection:
- Hellboy Junior TPB (First Edition) [You are here.]

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