Celebrate Diversity (Collector's Edition)
Catalog supplement featuring the "Hi, My Name is Hellboy" ad

Ordering Info:
Publisher: Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc.
Publication Date: October 1994
Cover Price: {{Need Price for Previews, October 1994}}
Purchase: eBay

Please note that the Celebrate Diversity (Collector's Edition) supplement does not contain a Hellboy story. However, it does include the now-legendary panel ad where Hellboy explains his origin and adventures! The panel ad is found on the final page of the supplement.

Hellboy.com is seeking the cover price and issue number of Previews for October 1994 to complete this citation. Also seeking the dimensions of the Celebrate Diversity (Collector's Edition) to complete this citation.

"Hi, My Name is Hellboy" panel ad by Mike Mignola.

Cover illustrations by assorted artists, including Mike Mignola.

Format: Special catalog supplement. Black-and-white art. {{Add #}} pages.
Size: Approximately {{?" x ?"}}.
US Release Date: [October 1994]

US Collection Info:
The "Hi, My Name is Hellboy" panel ad is collected in:
- The Art of Hellboy HC (First Edition)
- The Art of Hellboy SC (First Edition)

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