Ghost/Hellboy Special TPB
Prestige Format Trade Paperback, First Edition

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Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Publication Date: June 1997
Cover Price: $4.95 USD
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The world's greatest paranormal investigator meets the world's greatest paranormal! Word at the BPRD says there's a ghost in Arcadia... a ghost that hunts... a ghost that kills people. Not the kind that pushes you down a flight of stairs or grabs the wheel when you're driving-- the kind that cuts you in half with a pair of .45 automatics.

If she's a ghost-- a "real" ghost-- then she's one of a kind, and the Bureau wants her. And if anyone can get her, you can bet it's Hellboy...

"Ghost/Hellboy" from Ghost/Hellboy #1-#2.

Features a two-page gallery of thumbnails (story images and layouts) by Mike Mignola.

Cover by Mike Mignola; Pencils by Scott Benefiel; Inks by Jason Rodriguez; Story and layouts by Mike Mignola; Letters by Sean Konot; Colors by Pamela Rambo; Series and collection editing by Scott Allie; Design by Cary Grazzini; Hellboy logo design by Kevin Nowlan; Published by Mike Richardson.

Format: Prestige format trade paperback. Full-color art. {{Add #}} pages.
Size: Approximately 6-5/8" x 10-1/4".
US Release Date: [June 25, 1997]
ISBN-10: 1569712735

US Editions Of This Collection:
- Ghost/Hellboy Special TPB (First Edition) [You are here.]

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