San Diego Comic Con Comics #2
Promo Comic Book
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Ordering Info:
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Publication Date: August 1993
Cover Price: N/A, this was a promotional item
Purchase: Amazon, eBay

The first appearance of Hellboy in a comic book story-- Hellboy battles Anubis!

"Mike Mignola's Hellboy": Plot by Mike Mignola; Script by John Byrne; Art by Mike Mignola; Colors are B/W; Letters by uncredited.

This issue also includes the following non-Hellboy items: "Danger Unlimited," "Concrete: Steel Rain," "Monkeyman and O'Brien," "Sin City," "Big Guy and Rusty the Robot," "Don Martin's Doctor Dork," "Mom 'N' Me," "Madman Comics Pin-up," "Martha Washington Goes To War," "Gothik Pin-up," and "Grendel Pin-up."

Cover by Don Martin; Editing by Kris Young; Consulting by Randy Stradley and Ronnie Noize; Design by David Stewart and Cary Grazzini.

Format: Comic book. Black-and-white art. 32 pages.
Size: Approximately 6-5/8" x 10-1/8".
US Release Date: [August 1993]

US Collection Info:
The story "Mike Mignola's Hellboy" is collected in:
- Hellboy: Seed of Destruction TPB (First Edition)
- Hellboy: Seed of Destruction Ltd Edition HC w/ Slipcase (First Edition)
- Hellboy: Seed of Destruction TPB (Second Edition's 1st Cover)
- Hellboy: Seed of Destruction TPB (Second Edition's 2nd Cover)
- Hellboy Volume 1: Seed of Destruction TPB (Third Edition)

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