Airline Ground Positions


Job Opportunities
What are the career opportunities available in SIA for graduates?
Administrative Officer (Generalist)
Generalist AOs can be posted to various divisions such as Corporate Services, Human Resources, Product & Services, Marketing, and Planning, among others. A job rotation scheme is in place so that employees get a clearer picture of the diverse functional job areas, and, eventually, the unique airline business that SIA is in.

Administrative Officer (Specialist)
Specialist AO positions typically require specialised, professional qualifications or skills, and include positions such as Accountants, Internal Auditors, Legal Counsels and Technical Services Engineers.

Trainee Station Manager
Station Managers manage all aspects of SIA’s operations at airports overseas, including customer service, baggage and cargo handling, inflight catering, ground safety regulations, and airport emergency plans. Trainee Station Managers have to undergo a nine-month training programme before being posted overseas as, initially, Assistant Station Manager and eventually Station Manager.

Graduates who are so inclined are also welcome to apply for SIA’s cabin crew and cadet pilot positions.

What are the career opportunities in SIA for diploma holders?
Diploma holders can apply for various general support roles, beginning as an Officer. With good performance, there are prospects to be promoted to Senior Officer and subsequently, Supervisor. There will also be opportunities to take up positions in different divisions.

Does SIA have an internship program in place? How can I apply for an internship position?
We work with the local universities’ career offices on internship opportunities. These will be advertised on the SIA career website. You can apply for these positions via the online recruitment system.

What are the different areas in the company that I may be posted to?
Cabin Crew
This is the largest division in SIA with 170 ground staff and almost 7,000 operating cabin crew. As a ground staff, you will effectively manage this large crew base, keep them motivated and committed to providing the best inflight service possible and ensure that the divisional goals are met.

Flight Operations
You will manage our pool of over 2,000 technical crew (i.e. pilots) in the following areas: Training and development, providing technical support for efficient, economical and safe operations, and liaising with international organisations and civil authorities on technical or operational matters, among others.

Human Resources
You will play a vital role in developing human capital for the world's leading airline, and conceptualising talent management strategies and policies. You will gain exposure to diverse areas of Human Resources, such as industrial relations, employee communications and HR systems, among other areas.

Marketing & Singapore Sales
You will gain exposure to different areas of Marketing, such as increasing passenger loyalty for SIA through managing various reward programmes, identifying and pursuing global strategic partnerships, managing worldwide seat inventory, and developing SIA’s worldwide marketing and commercial communications strategies.

Product & Services
Your role will be to deliver and support a consistently high standard of customer service across the entire SIA network. Equally important is the development of new products and services to maintain SIA’s leadership in the industry through differentiation and innovation.

Safety, Security & Environment
This division formulates safety, security & environment policies and procedures for compliance in the Company.  You will be involved in evaluating safety and security aspects of ground and flight operations to ensure that we have a safety and security record second to none. 

Corporate Services
This division manages relations with a variety of stakeholders, such as governments, air transport authorities, the community, and media, among others. Other key functions include consulting on risk management and governance practices, providing legal advice and services, ensuring Company affairs are conducted in compliance with statutory requirements, and overseeing and developing various SIA properties.

You will be engaged in various challenging aircraft projects; deliver timely, cost effective and quality maintenance and acquisition of SIA’s new and existing aircrafts. To offer our customers the best products and services, your assistance is required to support the evaluation and acquisition of new aircraft types as well as handle operational contingencies to ensure service continuity.

You will gain exposure to various areas in Finance, such as monitoring corporate accounts and projects both locally and at SIA’s overseas stations. Among other key functions, you will also be responsible for cost effective procurement and distribution of quality commercial products and services and learn to maximize total returns on cash resources, as well as provide guidance and advice on risk processes to SIA’s Business Units

You can be involved in managing and planning the fleet and fuel requirements of the company, monitoring the company’s performance relative to industry benchmarks, evaluating various investment opportunities, conducting route and network studies, as well as providing cost-effective and strategic IT strategies and solutions.

Entry Requirements
Does SIA accept graduates of any discipline?
For Generalist AO positions, SIA accepts graduates of any discipline as training will be provided for new hires to attain the level of competency necessary to do their jobs well.

However, for Specialist AO positions in fields such as engineering, accountancy and legal, a professional degree in the relevant field of study is required.  

Is it true that SIA only recruits graduates with good honours qualification?
Competencies and skills are just as important as academic qualifications; we look for prior working experience, leadership capabilities, proficiency in communication, and relationship-management skills, amongst others.  

How do I know that my academic qualification is accredited and acceptable for employment by SIA?
The standard of your overseas education must be comparable with those available in Singapore's universities and polytechnics. 

Is it true that SIA only recruits Singaporeans/Singapore permanent residents?
Each applicant is considered on his or her individual merit. SIA does not select potential employees based on nationality.  

Will I be asked to take any test as part of the recruitment process?
There are two components to the selection test:
  •  Written Test (2 hours)
    - Essay & Precis

  • Psychometric Assessment (3 hours)
    - Critical Thinking Appraisal
    - Numerical Test
    - Abstract Test
    - Personality Test (For trainee station manager candidates only)

Why are these tests necessary?
You may have the requisite work experience or academic qualifications, but these tests provide extra information and insight into personality and aptitude, which help to select people who are best suited to the job.  

Does everyone need to take the written test and psychometric assessment?
Candidates with more than 5 years of working experience after graduation need not take the written test and psychometric assessment.  

How can I prepare myself for the tests?
You can best prepare yourself by getting a good night's sleep and arriving on time. Make sure you read the questions and instructions thoroughly and understand what is being asked. Remember that the tests are timed, so try to work quickly and accurately. 

Career Development
What are the career advancements opportunities in SIA?
SIA believes in grooming and promoting from within. Typically, graduates start off in the junior management ranks, and with exposure, training and stellar performance, there are opportunities to eventually rise to senior management positions such as vice-presidents and above. 

What are the training opportunities available in Singapore Airlines?
Singapore Airlines believes in helping employees develop their full potential through regular training and development. Employees are encouraged to attend a variety of courses, ranging from formal classroom sessions to attachments and e-learning courseware.  

Are there opportunities to work overseas?
There are two schemes that allow graduates to be posted overseas to work: the Trainee Station Manager and Overseas Manager schemes.

Station Managers manage all aspects of SIA’s operations at airports overseas, including customer service, baggage and cargo handling, inflight catering, ground safety regulations, and airport emergency plans.

The Overseas Managers scheme is for employees who have had some years of experience in the company. Overseas Managers oversee all aspects of SIA’s business interests at overseas offices, including sales and marketing, HR management, finance and government relations.

Will career progression in SIA be based on academic qualifications?
Academic qualifications are an essential component of SIA's entry requirements, particularly so for new graduates. However, career progression in the company is based largely on individual merit, competencies, and work performance.  

Compensation and Benefits
How does SIA determine starting salaries?
Through regular benchmarking studies, SIA ensures that starting salaries are industry-competitive. Candidates will be paid a starting salary that commensurates with academic qualifications and previous work experiences, if any.  

What are the components of SIA’s compensation package?
Aside from a basic monthly salary, SIA employees are also entitled to the Annual Wage Supplement (more commonly known as the 13th month pay), and a profit-sharing bonus.

These non-basic components of the compensation package are subject to the company’s performance.

What are some of the benefits accorded to SIA employees?
As an SIA employee, you and eligible members of your family will get to enjoy free and discounted travel benefits to any SIA destination. In addition, employees will receive basic medical and dental benefits, and subsidized insurance coverage. 

Life in SIA
What is the working environment like in SIA?
SIA's continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation is made possible through a strong culture of teamwork. Together, SIA employees strive to go the extra mile for our customers and the community.

SIA is also committed to developing employees to their full potential. Their safety and well-being are of utmost priority.  

Where are our offices located?
We have several offices in Singapore, but our two main offices are located at:

SIA Airline House
25 Airline Road, S(819829)

SIA Training Centre
720 Upper Changi Road East S(286852)

What are the recreation facilities in SIA?
The SIA Group has its very own Sports Club, equipped with the latest sports facilities, gym equipment, Olympic-sized swimming pool, restaurants, and pristine multi-purpose function halls. Sports enthusiasts are welcome to join any of our sporting clubs, which include badminton, soccer, table tennis, and more. There are also other activities such as the SIA band and the SIA Community Service Club.