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Sirènes Collection

Co-produced by the Ensemble intercontemporain, IRCAM, and Kairos, Sirènes alternates presentations of major works by composers that have reached a certain maturity in their artistic expression and creations by young composers.Sirènes Collection

Sirènes Collection

Olivier Culmann / Tendance floue

Ircam opens its new concert season in Lucerne and in Brazil before crossing Europe and Asia to be a part of major artistic events in Donaueschingen, Strasbourg, and Lyon, in Tallinn and Warsaw, Madrid and Barcelona, Amsterdam and Utrecht, Brussels, Metz and Seoul. Consubstantial to the institute's research activities, IRCAM's international presence concerns the most recent creations, especially those that were presented during different editions of the Agora festival. Carried by the orbit of an international tour, these works progressively constitute a repertoire destined to escape the home where they were created. The technology whose complexity, user friendly-ness, and instability once may have been criticized now has new features: mobility, invisibility, and transmissibility.

This fertile season cultivates extremes and irreconcilable aesthetics. Writing in its purest form (Répons by Boulez) and in uncertainty (encounters and creations "After John Cage"), control in real-time (quartet by Philippe Manoury) and improvisation; spending the purist of energy (Raphaël Cendo) and restricted means (Marco Stroppa, Philippe Leroux), the essential milestones of electronic music (the work by Tristan Murail) and the excitement of creations by young artists (Cursus 2 and Tremplin). IRCAM offers wide breadth of possibilities to this host of musical creations, as seen in the last edition of the Agora festival where scientists and artists from different horizons came together.

What generational effects magnetize and mobilize creativity? The articulation between IRCAM and the Centre Pompidou could offer a unique point of view for this question that crosses universes that are distinct and contemporary. That which culture has always striven to achieve and celebrate like a "paradise lost" - such as can be seen with the fascinating conjunction of history, Bauhaus, Vienna before 1914, Black Mountain College, etc. - is now written in another form, still implicit, waiting for a unique reading. It is the responsibility of a research institute, one that is both a school for the transmission of knowledge and a production company, to transform the intellectual and emotional effervescence into a contemporary fabric. Imagining simultaneously "the place and the formula".

Frank Madlener

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Philippe Schoeller

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