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I Never Knew You

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Definitive Jux is proud to present 'Depart From Me' - the latest full-length album, from underground/indie-rap legend Cage, aka Chris Palko. The follow-up to 'Hell's Winter', his 2005 critically-acclaimed LP, 'Depart From Me' continues Cage's musical saga of a no-holds-barred, brutally autobiographical journey through his past and present (please see attached life story). Cage explains, "The idea of making a positive change in my life and getting clean, that was 'Hell's Winter'. 'Depart From Me' is the struggle in implementing those ideas."

The directorial debut for actor Shia LaBeouf (who also appears in the video), "I Never Knew You" depicts the powerful story of Cage's debut single from the forthcoming album 'Depart From Me'. Filmed this February at various locations in downtown Los Angeles, the video simultaneously portrays a performance by Cage, a characteristically intense experience, while the story of "I Never Knew You" unfolds. The video also featuring cameo appearances from fellow labelmates and collaborators El-P, Aesop Rock, Yak Ballz, F. Sean Martin, and Alex Pardee.

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