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We jumped off of the election victory right back into the middle of the global financial crisis. While we have a president that has openly supported workers against corporations and banks, we still have a financial system run amuck where working people foot the bill with our homes, our schools, and our jobs (or lack thereof).

Still, the parameters of what is necessary to turn the country around have been hugely expanded as so-called mainstream economists call for “at-least partial” nationalization of failing banks and companies like Ford and General Motors. Middle America grapples both publicly at town halls and privately at the dinner table about what a “just economy” would look like, all but defining a fetal path to socialism.

Legislation supporting gay rights is passing despite the defeat in California in states such as Iowa and Vermont. And I was just informed that the Presbyterian Church USA approved the ordination of gay ministers.

The air is ripe with change.

The YCL is having our National School August 15th-23rd in NYC. The school will cover the topics from political economy and the current economic crisis, socialism and what it means for young people today, understanding class in today's society, the fight against racism and sexism, and much more! Register online today.
We are living in very turbulent times. The world is in transition. An old ear- an era of neoliberal extremism - is fading way. But no one is quite sure what the new era will look like. It resists easy prediction. It is safe to say tat the future of both our country and the world is still to be written.

Read the rest of Sam Webb's speech at the CPUSA website.
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On the April 4th anniversary of Dr. King’s prophetic “Beyond Vietnam” speech, delivered at Riverside Church, we will gather in New York City determined to lead our nation in the new direction so many long for. For the first time in too long, we will march filled with hope. Now is the time that our movements for racial justice and economic equality, our movements against the wars and occupations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and elsewhere, our movements for a new economy based on people’s needs, green union jobs and sustainability will ALL come together to say YES WE CAN! Yes We Can move beyond war. Yes We Can build a new world of justice, equality and peace.

Click here for more information about the day of action.