Stationmaster cat gets a train

October 20th, 2008 by James

tama the stationmaster

More news from the Wakayama Electric Railway! Tama, the world famous feline stationmaster of Kishi station on the Kishigawa Line, will be honored with his own special train:

Here is an artist’s depiction of the Tama train:


The train will have cartoon Tamas painted all over it, and its interior will feature photo booths where one can take and print cute Tama-themed purikura pics. The special Tama train will begin service in spring 2009.

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Comment by one
2008-10-20 12:18:12

for a place that claims to be broke they sure are wasting a lot of cash on a cat.

Comment by kenji
2008-10-20 12:59:51

what..? the cat is the reason they aren’t broke. why would making a tama themed train car be wasting money? wouldn’t that bring more ppl in…like tama already has?

Comment by Rob
2008-10-21 06:18:14

No kidding, how much money has the cat brought in to the station so far? 10 million dollars?

Clearly a waste of cash.

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Comment by reisender
2008-10-20 13:12:35

I hope that cat dies.

Comment by Grinz
2008-10-20 14:09:57

you know they’d go out and find another calico to take its place and deny that it was a different.

Comment by The Overthinker
2008-10-20 15:22:26

The cat hopes you die first. The cat has nine lives, but you don’t.

Comment by Montsan
2008-10-21 00:20:23

I think reisender needs a hug.

Or a cute little stationmaster cap.

Comment by Anonymous
2008-10-21 07:33:55

I find the image of Tama’s behind on the train funny.

Comment by Ken Y-N
2008-10-21 23:44:18

I read that it is now Sir Stationmaster Tama!

However, there’s no truth in the rumour that the LDP have asked him to stand as a candidate in the forthcoming election…

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