Flying Padre

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Two days in the life of Father Fred Stadtmueller, a priest who tended to duties in his 4000 square mile New Mexico parish by flying from place to place in a Piper Cub.

After the success Kubrick had making Day of the Fight, RKO advanced him money to make this documentary short for their Pathe Screenliner series.

Production Company -- RKO-PATHE, Inc.
Producer -- Burton Benjamin
Director -- Stanley Kubrick
Cinematographer -- Stanley Kubrick
Narrator -- Bob Hite
Editor -- Isaac Kleinerman
Music -- Nathaniel Shilkret
Sound -- Harold R. Vivian
Father Fred Stadtmueller  -- Himself
Running time: 9 minutes.
Distributor: RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.
Year of release: 1951

*Most early books on Kubrick credit him not only as Director but as Producer, Writer, Cameraman, and Editor as well. The film's actual credits differ.


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