At SXSW, Robert Rodriguez announced a feature length Machete movie, based on the popular fake Grindhouse trailer. At this weekend’s Grindhouse junket we were able to grill Robert for more details on this new project.

“When I started doing the trailer and as soon as we started showing it to people they said we want to see this movie. Bob Weinstein even said that ‘I want to see that movie.’ So I thought we would probably make it then.  If audiences respond to it the way I think they might then I think we’ll make it.”

Quentin Tarantino jumped in:

“Robert pretty much has about 40 minutes of it anyway just from the trailers.  True grind house I’ll give him 6 more days to finish it out.”One of the things I love about it is well there is blacksploitation but in America there wasn’t a mexsploitation.  ‘Machete’ is definitely a mexsploitation film.

Robert explained, “When I wrote him [Danny Trejo] in 94 I thought he should be like Charles Bronson or Jean-Claude Van Damme and make a movie every year. He should be making his own mexslpoitation movies so I came up with this character ‘Machete’ for him.”
When asked if the film would be released theatrically, Robert replied:

“Yeah, I mean I am just going to go shoot it and then I will see what we do with it. “

The Sin City director previously revealed that a Machete screenplay is completely finished, and Danny Trejo is very excited to start filming

And when can we expect MACHETE? The movie would be filmed at the same time as Sin City 2 (tentatively set for early Summer 2007):

“It would be done at the same time.  It would have to come out when ‘Grindhouse’ comes out on DVD.”

Grindhouse will hit theaters on April 6th 2007.

  • IMO...He shoulda made Machete instead of Planet Terror.
  • ColorMeDevastated
    I feel so stupid falling for a fake trailer. I SO wanted to see this movie! I hope it gets made!!
  • Demitri
    I'm glad that your making Machette.I saw the trailor on Planet Terror.Both me and my said that it looked good.I also like Danny's work.He's very good.And I also liked the Planet Terror so much I bought it.Think your films are great.Keepem coming!Contiuned success.A real fan.
  • joeyjojoe
    I am hoping this movie comes out I
    knew it was a fake trailer but was realy hoping they
    would film it. Everyone I know who saw the trailer
    said it looks kick @ss! keep grindhouse going
    I love seeing these movies they are just what was needed
    for an alternative to all those bad story line horror flics
  • Zach
    They have got to make this movie. Planet Terror and Death Proof r my all time favorite movies. I love Grindhouse, and can't wait for the next installment, which i hope is Machete.
  • buccsman69
    i looking everwhere for that movie " machete" any one can tell me where i can rent it or buy i would love to see it i saw some clips of the movie i like it plz ....
  • Grindhouse fan
    Hey buccsman69,
    I still think Machete is in production. They haven't finished filming the movie. And I am not sure if it will go straight to video or be released in theaters first. I can't wait for it though.

    Grindhouse fan
  • Dylan John Mulvaney
    Now why would I give a hate speech about this awsome kick-ass movie?! I love danny trejo and quentin and robert. And I love/have both grindhouse features. And when I saw that trailer for Machete I was like Holy Crap I want that to be a real movie. It is is going to be. I can't wait! Oh and I hope that quentin makes another good movie like death proof. Along With robert. But he is so bye and thanks a lot! You're awsome! My phone number is 407-319-0711. Just in case. Please call. It's okay if you don't. So bye.
  • nick
    Is there going to be any film grain in the movie. (the scratches and dust and hair on the film) like "Death proof" "planet terror" and that fake grindhouse trailer
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