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Shore at Rapallo, 1934 View of a Canal, 1935 View of a Garden, 1938 The Great Disaster, c.1939 The Refugee, 1939 Above the Roofs, 1940 Still-life with Mask, Glove, and Football, c.1940 Camp Synagogue, 1941 Portrait of an Unidentified Man, 1941

Two people, possibly playing cards, sit in a walled garden. A ladder leans against one wall, near a fruit tree in bloom, under which are scattered sawhorses and buckets. In the background are clotheslines. The blossoming tree symbolizes hope and renewal which tragically did not reflect the fate of the artist.

Gift of Charles Knoblauch, Brussels

In memory of Marcus, David, and Mania Knoblauch; Mordechai and Ethel Wassing, David  Ignace, and Irena Wassing, and the children.

View of a Canal, 1935

The Backyard at the Rue Archimède, 1938

Gouache on paper

31.8x39 cm

    Copyright 2004 Yad Vashem The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority