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The first Scout units were established in late 1913 and 1914. The Scout Association of Croatia has been a co-founder of the World Organization of the Scout Movement in 1922.

Scouting almost vanished as a result of World War I. The Scout Association of Croatia was kept alive by being members of the Scout Association of the Kingdom of Jugoslavia, which was dictated by the law at the time.

Although Croatian Scouts have been dropped from the membership rolls of WOSM in 1951, the organization did not stop its work.

When communism fell in 1989, Croatia declared itself an independent nation and received recognition by numerous western nations. The Scout Association of Croatia did likewise. According to the democratic changes in Croatia, The Scout Association of Croatia returned to its roots as voluntary non-political, educational organization for young people. It became fully prepared to meet their needs in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential as individuals. Their goals are to help the youth of Croatia become responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities.

Varied activities in nature, challenges and adventures, contacts to different people and different cultures enable them to respect those differences as a precious heritage of mankind.

In 1991, the Croatian Scouts were the biggest and most organized of the former Yugoslavia.

In the summer of 1993, the World Organization of the Scout Movements voted the Scout Association of Croatia to full membership. At the end of 1998, total membership was 3,865 Scouts.

Membership in the Scout Association of Croatia is voluntary and open to all persons who take the Cub Scout Promise and the Scout Oath respectively. It is open to those who are prepared to follow the Scout principles every day. To become a member of the Association, it is necessary to join one of the sections according to ones age and to register in the Association.

Scouts from Croatia participated in the 1995 World Jamboree in Holland and other Jamborees in Europe in 1996, notably, the Danish Jamboree. In Dec. 1998, Croatia sent 56 Scouts and Leaders to the World Jamboree in Chile.

The Scout Association of Croatia has sponsored and run the humanitarian program called "The Sunrise City Project". The Sunrise City Project is a summer camp for children of the war. Croatian Scouts as well as many Scouts from other countries volunteer as staff. Their aim is to offer a summer camp program to children who have been victims of the war. The re-socialization and integration of these children into society is a major goal.

The Sunrise City Project began in the summer of 1993 and has been held every year. Since 1993, 1,525 affected children, 1,648 Scouts And 526 volunteers from Croatia and other countries have participated in Sunrise City.

Individuals and groups who wish to participate in Sunrise City as volunteers or who would like to support their work are welcome to contact the Scouts of Croatia.


  Cub Scouts- ages 8 to 11

  Scouts- ages 12 to 15

  Venture Scouts- ages 16 to 20

  Rangers & Rovers- over 21 of age

Scout Motto:

Budi Pripravan Be Prepared

Cub Oath:

Voljeti i upoznavati svoju domovinu,

Postivati Bozje zapovijedi,

Ispunjavati Zakone poletaraca i

Svaki dan uciniti nesto dobro.

I promise that I will: love and learn about my country,

Obey Godís commandments,
Fulfill the Cub Scout Laws and

Do a good turn every day.

Scout Oath:

Svojom cascu potvrdujem da cu

Voljeti i upoznavati svoju domovinu,

Postivati bozje zapovijedi,

Uvijek pomagati ljudima,

Zivjeti i raditi po izvidachkim zakonima.

On my honor, I promise that I will Love and learn about my country,

Obey Godís commandments. Help other people at all times,

Live and do upon the Scout Laws.

Cub Scout Laws:

1-Poletarac je dobar drug, pravedan i hrabar.

2-Poletarac postuje svoje roditelje i starije.

3-Poletarac dobro uci, vrijedan je i nesebican.

4-Poletarac voli i cuva prirodu.

1-A Cub Scout is a good fellow, just and brave.

2-A Cub Scout respects his parents and elders.

3-A Cub Scout is a good student, devoted and unselfish.

4-A Cub Scout loves and preserves nature.

Scout Laws:

1-Izvidac je dobar prijatelj, vedar i drustven.

2-Izvidac postuje roditelje i starije, a pomaze mladima i slabijima.

3-Izvidac stalno uci i primjenjuje nova znanja.

4-Izvidac je koristan clan zajednice u kojoj zivi.

5-Izvidac je cestit, uljudan i nesebican.

6-Izvidac je vrijedan, istrajan i cijeni rad.

7-Ividac voli prirodu, upoznaje ju i cuva.

8-Izvidac odgovorno izvrsava zajednicke odluke.

9-Izvidac cijeni i razvija duhovne i kulturne vrijedonsti.

10-Ividac skrbi o svom zdravlju i tjelesnoj sposobnosti, i kloni se stetnih navika.

11-Ividac cuva cast i ugled svoje udruge i cijelog izvidackog pokreta.

12-Ividac je cast da mu vjeruju.

1-A Scout is a good friend, cheerful and sociable.

2-A Scout respects his parents and elders and helps the younger and weaker.

3-A Scout learns constantly and applies the acquired knowledge.

4-A Scout is a useful member of his community.

5-A Scout is moral, courteous and unselfish.

6-A Scout is devoted, persistent and cherishes work.

7-A Scout loves nature, learns about nature and preserved it.

8-A Scout implements mutual decisions responsibly.

9-A Scout cherishes and develops spiritual and cultural values.

10-A Scout cares about his health and fitness and evades bad habits.

11-A Scout protects the integrity and honor of his organization and the Scout Movement.

12-A Scoutís honor is to be trusted.

This information was obtained from the Scouts of Croatia, 1998 World Jamboree Contingent, WOSM reports and from Zdenko Horjan, Croatian Scout Leader.

Last updated on April 5,1999