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Following the birth of the Republic in 1912, the first scout troop was organized in Wuchang on February 25,1912. The movement spread rapidly all over the country. The General Association was formally established in Nanking in 1934 and became a member of the International Scout Bureau in 1937.

The registered membership reached 570,000 in 1941. However, all Scouting activities were interrupted in 1949 when the Chinese communists took over the Mainland China. The Association was reorganized in 1950 on the island of Taiwan and resumed the membership of International Scout Bureau. Since then it regained its vigorous momentum and became more active than ever. The membership surpassed 100,000 in 1994.

Cultivation of good citizenship is the major objective of Scouting movement and the outdoor activities and community service are considered to be the best ways to achieve this goal. Scouting activities include not only the traditional camping, hiking, water sports and so on, but also ham radio, computer operation, JOTA and internet communication, environment protection, etc. To keep up with the high tech industrial trends and the social development. All these programs are led by young adults like Rover and Ranger Scouts, who always play an important role in the Scouting movement. They are encouraged to plan, implement and evaluate Scouting activities.

Membership & Program Sections:

PRE-CUB 371 6.5-8 year olds

CUB SCOUTS 26,611 8-12 year olds

BOY SCOUTS 16,896 11-15 year olds

SENIOR SCOUTS 4,561 14-18 year olds

ROVER SCOUTS 2,985 17-24 year olds

RANGERS SCOUTS 1,394 17-24 year olds

SCOUTERS 12,398 21 years old

TOTAL 65,216


Be Prepared

Scout Oath:

I wish to join Scouts of China and on my honour, I promise that I will obey the Scout Law, and all of my life, do my best, to do my duty to God, be friendly to the people and to become righteous Chinese citizen. To help other people and serve the public at all times, to strive to make myself rich in knowledge, perfect in character and healthy in physical constitution.

Scout Law:




 Loving kindness





 Industrious and thrift



 Public spirit

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This information was obtained from the Scout Association literature and WOSM.

Last updated on October 24, 1999