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Shenzhou-5 May Carry Out First Chinese Manned Mission
Tokyo - Apr 16, 2002
Chinese news media has widely reported in the past few weeks hints from senior space officals that China will attempt its first manned launch following at least one addition unmanned test flight later this year. Once flying China wants to quickly move to an initial orbital station similar to the Soviet Union's Sayluts in the 1970s that laid the ground work for Mir.

US Military Commander Warns Of Cross-Strait Arms Race
Hong Kong (AFP) April 18, 2002
China's growing weaponry targeting Taiwan will eventually force the US to consider boosting the island's missile defenses, the top US Asia-Pacific military commander said Thursday.

Shenzhou 3 Lands Safely
Beijing - Apr 01, 2002
China's third unmanned space craft returned successfully to earth Monday after a week-long mission which marked another step in Beijing's plan to put an astronaut into orbit, state media said. The Shenzhou III (Divine Vessel III) space capsule returned to earth in central Inner Mongolia at 4:51 pm (08:51 GMT), the Xinhua news agency said.

Welcome Back Shenzhou
Sydney - Apr 2, 2002
After an apparently nominal mission, China's Shenzhou 3 spacecraft has returned to an apparently textbook touchdown. Chinese media coverage of the flight of Shenzhou 3 has been relatively good, compared to the generally secretive standards of previous missions.

New Details Of Shenzhou And Its Launcher Revealed
Beijing - Apr 01, 2002
Ahead of today's landing of Shenzhou, new details of the spacecraft and its launcher were published in the March 27 issue of China Space News. The Chinese-language aerospace weekly said the focus of the SZ-3 mission was on testing the life support and associated safety systems that would be used by future astronauts.

Shenzhou 3 Orbiting Smoothly:
Landing Maybe Saturday
Beijing - Mar 27, 2001
Scientists at the Beijing Aerospace Command and Control Center said Wednesday that China's unmanned spacecraft was orbiting smoothly, state media reported. The Shenzhou III (Divine Vessel III), launched on Monday from the northwestern province of Gansu, is the third unmanned test flight in China's fledgling space program. Sui Qisheng, a leading scientist at the center, said the spacecraft had orbited earth 30 times by 7:00 pm (1100 GMT) Wednesday, Xinhua reported.

China Launches Third Shenzhou Test Flight
Beijing - Mar 25, 2002
China has successfully launched its third unmanned space vehicle, the country's official newsagency reported late Monday. According to Xinhua reports, the "Shenzhou III" blasted off Monday night at 2200 local time (1400 GMT) from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China's Gansu Province.

Shenzhou Mission Remains Under Tight Wraps
Morris Jones provides detailed analysis
Sydney - Mar 26, 2002
The third test launch of China's Shenzhou spacecraft marks an important step in this program, but raises more questions than it answers. At a superficial level, we can see the Shenzhou program advancing at a steady pace, its third mission coming just a little longer than the gap between Shenzhou 1 and 2.

China's President Attends Launch
Beijing - Mar 26, 2002
President Jiang Zemin watched the launch of spacecraft Monday night at the launch centre in Northwest China's Gansu Province. At the launch site, Jiang extended his congratulations to scientists and technologists, as well as servicemen of the People's Liberation Army (PLA). After watching the lift-off, Jiang said the successful launch showed the Chinese people's spirit of constantly striving to become stronger.

Taiwan To Receive Weather Data From Chinese Satellite
Tokyo - Mar 24, 2002
In an unusual chance for cooperation between Taiwan and China, the meteorological agency in Taiwan is set to receive data and imagery from the Fengyun-2B (FY-2B, Fengyun means "Wind and Cloud") metsat which belongs to the People's Republic of China (PRC).

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