Gas Turbine and Combined-Cycle Plants in Arizona
Arlington Valley
Location: AZ
Operator: Duke Energy
Configuration: 570-MW, 2+1 combined-cycle plant with 7001FA gas turbines
Operation: 2002
Fuel: natural gas
HRSG supplier: Aalborg (CMI)
T/G supplier: GE
EPC: Duke/Fluor Daniel
Quick facts:
Construction got underway at this 2,800ac site in Apr 2001 and commercial operation started in June 2002. The scheme was switched to dry cooling after initial design was complete. The plant sells capacity and energy directly into the Palo Verde wholesale trading hub, which distributes electricity throughout Arizona, most of New Mexico, part of Southern California and El Paso, Texas.

Photograph courtesy of CMI HRS
Posted 8 Mar 2006

Griffith Energy
Location: AZ
Operator: Prime South for PPL Corp and Duke Energy
Configuration: 600-MW, 2+1 combined-cycle plant with 7001FA gas turbines
Operation: 2002
Fuel: natural gas
HRSG supplier: Vogt
T/G supplier: GE, Toshiba
Quick facts: Griffith funded Western Area Power Administration's local transmission system improvements, a water supply system with a well field accessing the Sacramento Valley Aquifer, new access roads, and two separate gas pipeline interconnections with El Paso Natural Gas and Transwestern Pipeline.

Photograph courtesy of PPL Corp
Posted 28 Aug 2005

Location: AZ
Operator: North American Energy Services
Configuration: Three 261-MW, 1+1 blocks with W501G gas turbines
Operation: 2004
Fuel: natural gas
HRSG supplier: Vogt
T/G supplier: Siemens
EPC: Shaw
Quick facts: PG&E National Energy Group started construction on Harquahala (HGP) in May 2001 and commercial operation was in Sep 2004. The plant was designed to utilize water resources from either the Colorado River via the Central Arizona Project (CAP) aqueduct or from local groundwater. A Zero Liquid Discharge system was required and supplied by Veolia Water’s HPD . The $500mn plant was turned over to a lender consortium called MACH Gen LLC when NEG went bankrupt. Power plant management is by NAES. HGP is connected to the Palo Verde 500kV grid by a 23mi transmission line to the SRP Hassayampa Substation. The plant switchyard and transmission line are operated under a separate contract by Constellation Energy. In 2007/08, the original plant control system was swapped out and replaced by a Siemens T3000 system.

Photograph courtesy of Siemens
Posted 3 Feb 2008

Location: AZ
Operator: Sempra Energy Resources
Configuration: 1,250-MW combined-cycle plant with two 2+1 blocks with 7001FA gas turbines
Operation: 2003
Fuel: natural gas, oil
HRSG supplier: Nooter
T/G supplier: GE
Quick facts: After completion of the $500mn power station, Sempra replanted 250 mesquite trees and 25,000 cacti moved out of the construction zone.

Photograph courtesy of Power
Posted 22 Feb 2004

Location: AZ
Operator: Arizona Public Service Co
Configuration: Two 530-MW, 2+1 combined-cycle blocks with 7001FA gas turbines
Operation: 2002
Fuel: natural gas
HRSG supplier: Vogt
T/G supplier: GE, Alstom
EPC: Sargen & Lundy, Zachry
Quick facts: Redhawk is near the Palo Verde NGS west of Phoenix and is a zero liquid discharge site. Construction started in Dec 2000. In 2001, APS made land available onsite for the construction of artificial burrows for burrowing owls and is also restoring old cotton farms to desert. Two additional blocks were in the additional design but were later cancelled.

Photograph courtesy of NEM
Posted 24 Feb 2007

Santan Extension
Location: AZ
Operator: Salt River Project
Configuration: 575-MW, 2+1 combined-cycle plant 7001FA gas turbines, 300-MW, 1+1 block with 7001FA gas turbine
Operation: 2005-2006
Fuel: natural gas
HRSG supplier: Alstom
T/G supplier: GE
EPC: Sargent & Lundy, TIC
Quick facts: The addition of new generating capacity at Santan was accompanied by a $20mn investment in landscaping including 1,200 trees planted on the 120ac site and a 25ft berm with decorative gabion walls and low-water-use ground-cover on the north and west boundaries.

Photograph courtesy of Combined Cycle Journal
Re-posted 20 Mar 2007

Location: AZ
CE Generation LLC
Configuration: 50 MW cogen plant with 6001B gas turbine
Operation: 1994
Fuel: natural gas

HRSG supplier: Nooter

T/G supplier: GE
EPC: United Engineers & Constructors
Quick facts: The Yuma cogen
plant provides 50 net MW to San Diego Gas & Electric Company under a 30yr power purchase agreement and provides steam to Queen Carpet Inc.

Photograph courtesy of MidAmerican Energy
Posted 24 Jul 2005

Abbreviations: BVZ = Black & Veatch/Zachry, GE = General Electric , HRSG = heat recovery steam generator, T/G = turbine generator

Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

Updated 02/18/09