Coal-Fired Plants in Australia - QLD & SA



Callide A&B
Location: QLD
Operator: CS Energy
Configuration: 4 X 30 MW, 2 X 350 MW
Fuel: subbituminous coal
Operation: 1965-1989
Boiler supplier: Mitchell, Babcock-Hitachi
T/G supplier: Parsons, Hitachi
Quick facts: Callide-A is the site of the oxy-fuel project a 30 MWe scale technology demonstration to capture and store up to 30,000 tpy of CO2. The project is managed by a JV including CS Energy, IHI Ltd, Japan Coal Energy Centre (JCOAL), J-Power, and Schlumberger. A collaboration agreement was signed in Sep 2004 and a feasibility study completed. The $206mn project is to start construction in 2009 with operation by year-end 2010.

Photograph courtesy of CS Energy
Posted 3 Nov 2004

Location: QLD
Operator: InterGen Australia
Configuration: 2 X 420 MW
Fuel: subbituminous coal
Operation: 2001
Boiler supplier: IHI
T/G supplier: Toshiba
EPC: Mitsui, Pacific Power International, IHI, Toshiba
Quick facts: In May 1998, CS Energy and Shell Coal finalized a 50:50 joint venture to build the Callide-C IPP power station adjacent to the existing B plant near Rockhampton in central Queensland. Later, InterGen took over the lead from Shell. In May 1998, the turnkey construction contract was awarded and in Oct 2000, InterGen completed debt-financing of $325mn for its stake in the project with a syndicate of Bank of America, BNP Paribas, and National Australia Bank. The two 420-MW supercritical units, Australia’s first, were opened in Jul 2001. Low-sulfur fuel is supplied from the Callide coalfields jointly owned by Shell and AMP.

Photograph courtesy of Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries
Posted 18 Apr 2004

Kogan Creek
Location: QLD
Operator: CS Energy Corp Ltd
Configuration: 1 X 750 MW
Fuel: bituminous coal
Operation: 2007
Boiler supplier: Babcock-Hitachi
T/G supplier: Siemens
EPC: Siemens
Quick facts: In early 1999, Siemens was awarded a turnkey contract by Consolidated Electric Power Asia (CEPA), then a unit of the large U.S. holding company Southern Co and later Mirant, for this coal-fired unit at Chinchilla near Surat about 280km southwest of Brisbane. In Mar 2000, the generating license was approved and in Jun 2000, the project received environmental approval. In May 2002, CS Energy acquired full ownership of the project from Mirant, having taken a 40% stake in 1998. The company also owns the adjacent 300mn ton Kogan coal field which supplies coal to the power station via a 4km conveyor belt. In Jun 2004, Kogan Creek received final approvals from the state government and the EPC contract award was confirmed. In Sep 2004, PB Power was appointed as owner’s engineer. The project cost A$1.2bn and is the largest generating unit in Australia. Supercritical steam conditions of 250 bar/540C/560C give a nominal thermal efficiency of 37% (UHV) with air cooling.

Photograph courtesy of CS Energy
Re-posted 3 Sep 2008

Location: QLD
Operator: InterGen Australia
Configuration: 2 X 420 MW
Fuel: bituminous coal
Operation: 2003
Boiler supplier: B&W
T/G supplier: Ansaldo
Quick facts: In Sep 1999, Babcock & Wilcox was awarded a $95mn contract for two supercritical boilers for this IPP. This followed the Jul 1999 award of a generating license and mining lease by the state government. The lead investor is InterGen with a 53.7% stake and other investors include GE Capital (6.3%), and Energy Investors Fund (5%). In Sep 2002, Tohoku Electric Power Co made its first overseas power investment by agreeing to invest A$260mn in a Marubeni affiliate that had taken a 35% stake in Millmerran. The site is 9km outside Millmerran, a rural township 180km west-southwest of Brisbane. The project also includes a 3.6mn tpy coal mine run by Roche Mining and a pipeline to carry treated sewage effluent from Toowoomba’s Wetalla sewage treatment works about 80km away. Total costs were about $920mnl and financing was arranged by a large group of banks including ABN Amro, ANZ Investment Bank, Bank of America, Bayerische Hypo-und Vereinsbank, BOS International, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, KBC Bank, National Australia Bank, Overseas Union Bank, and Royal Bank of Scotland.

Photograph courtesy of InterGen Australia
Posted 6 Apr 2003

Swanbank A&B
Location: QLD
Operator: CS Energy
Configuration: 6 X 68 MW (ret), 4 X 125 MW
Fuel: bituminous coal, landfill gas
Operation: 1966-1973
Boiler supplier: Mitchell
T/G supplier: BBC, Siemens
Quick facts: Swanbank is located outside of Ipswich about 30min from Brisbane. The power plant was developed in sequence around the plant cooling lake. The A plant used to be supplied by the surrounding local mines. The plant was decommisioned in Aug 2005 and the 133m stacks were demolished on 20 Aug 2006. Swanbank B uses landfill gas and about 1mn tpy of black coal trucked and railed from mines in southeast Queensland.

Photograph courtesy of CS Energy
Posted 27 Jul 2001


Northern / Thomas Playford
Location: SA
Operator: Flinders Power
Configuration: 2 X 260 MW (Northern), 4 X 15 MW (Playford-A, ret), 4 X 60 MW (Playford-B)
Fuel: subbituminous coal
Operation: 1960-1985
Boiler supplier: Deutsche Babcock, Dodds
T/G supplier: MHI, EE, Stal
Quick facts: In August 2000, the Flinders power stations were bought from ETSA by NRG Energy. In June 2006, NRG agreed to sell the two plants and related assets to a subsidiary of Babcock & Brown for A$317mn plus the assumption of A$238mn in debt obligations and A$42mn in cash. Fuel is supplied via a leased rail line connecting the power stations to the Leigh Creek Coalfield.

Photograph courtesy of NRG Flinders Power
Posted 27 Oct 2004

Abbreviations: BBC = Brown Boveri, B&W = Babcock & Wilcox, EE = English Electric, ICL = International Combustion Ltd, IHI = Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries, IPP = independent power project, MHI = Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, T/G = turbine generator

Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

Updated 09/10/08