Gas- and Oil-Fired Plants in Canada

Clover Bar
Operator: Epcor Generation Inc
Configuration: 4 X 165 MW
Operation: 1970-1979 (ret 2005)
Fuel: natural gas, landfill gas
Boiler supplier: B&W
T/G supplier: Escher Wyss Oerlikon, Hitachi
Quick facts: Until it was shutdown in Sep 2005, Clover Bar sold power into the Alberta Power Pool. In 1992, the station began supplementing its fuel supply with methane gas collected from the nearby Clover Bar Landfill northeast of Edmonton. Three peaking gas turbines are being installed at the site and use some of the existing infrastructure.

Photograph courtesy of EPCOR
Posted 12 May 2001

Coleson Cove
Location: NB
Operator: NB Power
Configuration: 3 X 350 MW
Operation: 1976-1977
Fuel: heavy oil
Boiler supplier: B&W
T/G supplier: Hitachi
Quick facts: In 2004, NP Power completed a $C750mn project to convert Coleson Cove to fire orimulsion.  The boilers were modified to lower NOX emissions while wet ESPs and an FGD system were also added. Venezuela ceased orimulsion production at the end of 2006.

Photograph courtesy of NB Power
Posted 27 Oct 2004

Courtenay Bay
Location: NB
Operator: NB Power
Configuration: 1 X 50 MW, 1 X 13 MW, 2 X 100 MW (Unit-4 ret)
Operation: 1961-1967
Fuel: heavy oil
Boiler supplier: B&W, CE
T/G supplier: EE, BBC

Photograph courtesy of NB Power
Posted 27 Oct 2004

Location: NB
Operator: NB Power
Configuration: 1 X 100 MW, 1 X 200 MW
Operation: 1969-1980
Fuel: orimulsion
Boiler supplier: CE
T/G supplier: BBC
Quick facts: Dalhousie was converted to use orimulsion in 1994 and used this fuel until Venezuela ceased production at the end of 2006. The plant now uses heavy oil as it did previously. Babcock & Wilcox retrofit a single-module, wet limestone FGD scrubber to Dalhousie to allow for consumption of orimulsion.

Photograph courtesy of NB Power
Posted 27 Oct 2004

Location: ON
Operator: Ontario Power Generation
Configuration: 4 X 535 MW
Operation: 1976
Fuel: natural gas, heavy oil
Boiler supplier: CE
T/G supplier: GE
Quick facts: Lennox is on the eastern shore of Lake Ontario near Bath and is one of the largest conventional gas- and oil-fired power stations in North America. In 1982 the station was placed in reserve due to a decrease in demand and it was subsequently reopened in 1987. Two units were again placed in reserve between 1994 and 1998. The station was converted to dual capability in 1998-2000 and often uses gas in the summer and oil in winter when natural gas is needed for home heating. The plant play a key role in helping Ontario meet peak power demands.

Photograph courtesy of Ontario Power Generation
Posted 1 Dec 2007

Queen Elizabeth
Operator: SaskPower
Configuration: 2 X 66 MW, 1 X 100 MW steam, 6 X 25 MW gas turbine (repower)
Operation: 1958-2002
Fuel: natural gas
Boiler supplier: FW, B&W
T/G supplier: BBC, EE, Hitachi
Quick facts: Unit-1 was repowered with six Hitachi H-25 gas turbines in 2002.

Photograph courtesy of SaskPower
Posted 8 Sep 2004


Operator: Pristine Power Inc
Configuration: 1 X 5.9 MW ORC
Operation: 2008
Fuel: waste heat
Boiler supplier: n/a
T/G supplier: Ormat
Quick facts: Savona is 45km west of Kamloops and is an organic Rankine cycle system using waste heat from gas compressors on Spectra Energy's main natural gas pipeline. The project was jointly developed by Pristine Power and Enmax Green Power and has a 20yr PPA with BC Hydro. Ground was broken in Mar 2008 and the plant was energized in Jun 2008.

Photograph courtesy of Pristine Power inc
Posted 7 Sep 2008

Location: Canada
Operator: Manitoba Hydro
Configuration: 2 X 66 MW
Operation: 1961
Fuel: natural gas
Boiler supplier: B&W
T/G supplier: Parsons
Quick facts: Selkirk began operation as a lignite-fired plant. In Jan 2001, plans for a $30mn conversion to gas firing were announced and this was completed in mid-2002. The plant is lightly loaded and in 1984, both generators were modified to allow their use as synchronous condensers

Photograph by Brian Simmons and courtesy of Manitoba Hydro
Posted 26 Mar 2001


Location: QC
Operator: Hydro-Quebec
Configuration: 4 X 150 MW
Operation: 1964-1968
Fuel: heavy oil
Boiler supplier: CE
T/G supplier: Parsons
EPC: SNC Lavalin
Quick facts: This is the largest conventional, utility-owned thermal power plant in Quebec. It is used sparingly.

Photograph by Denis Chabot and courtesy of CCDMD
Posted 10 Jun 2006


University of Alberta
Location: AB
Operator: University of Alberta
Configuration: 1 X 13.3 MW, 1 X 26.4 MW CHP
Operation: 1994-2000
Fuel: natural gas
Boiler supplier: ??
T/G supplier: Delaval, Brush
Quick facts: This CHP plant serves a district energy system that supplies the UOA campus, affiliated hospitals, the Cross Cancer Institute, and other smaller entities. The CHP plant was first built in 1959 with subsequent additions of boilers and related equipment. The plant has five gas-fired boilers. The facility also produces instrument quality air using three oil-free centrifugal air compressors.

Photograph courtesy of University of Alberta
Posted 12 Mar 2008

Abbreviations:  BBC = Brown Boveri & Cie, B&W = Babcock & Wilcox, CCDMD = Centre collégial de développement de matériel didactique, EE = English Electric, FGD = flue-gas desulphurization, FW = Foster Wheeler, T/G = turbine generator, T/G = turbine/generator

Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

Updated 09/07/08