Socialist Womens Network

The Socialist Womens Network brings together women in the party to meet and campaign together.
As well as organising women in the party it also campaigns publicly on relevant issues.

socialist womens network

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Socialist women are also active in:

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Women's Abortion Rights Scotland

End the war on women

Women have the right to live free from harm, violence and terror. We need to challenge those men who abuse, and encourage them to take responsibility for their actions and to stop the violence

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Prostitution is harmful

"The SSP is unequivocal in its condemnation of prostitution as a legitimate activity. We see it as sexual abuse perpetrated, primarily on the vulnerable, in exchange for payment. 95% of women working in street prostitution are addicted to Class A drugs, the average age of entry into prostitution in the UK is 14 and women engaged in prostitution are overwhelmingly likely to be survivors of child abuse.

"The current strategy – where the act of prostitution is legal, however many of the aspects around it are illegal is simply not working. Cornton Vale regularly houses women who were unable to pay the fines associated with this activity, its twilight legal status means that physical violence within prostitution is endemic and with minimal recouse to formal justice procedures and the vunerable nature of those engaged in the industry mean that they are easy targets for extremely violent men – as events in Ipswich and earlier this year in Glasgow have demonstrated."

Mhairi McAlpine, Socialist Women's Network

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Our bodies are our own

Forty years since the Abortion Act, and with the legal time limit for abortion now the subject of furious debate across the media and in parliament, Anthea Irwin explains why socialists defend a woman’s right to choose, and why we still have a lot yet to win.

"October 2007 and March 2008 mark the 40th anniversary of the vote on and enactment of the bill, introduced by David Steel, that led to safe, legal abortion in the UK. While pro-choice voices continue to make the point that the 40-year-old legislation does not go far enough, those in opposition are seeking ways to overturn or at least undermine it"

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