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DIGEST Oct-2-2009 xxxd
Catholic News Service Report for Friday, October 2, 2009

POPE-DIAZ Oct-2-2009 (920 words)
Pope welcomes new US ambassador, prods on right to life issues

VATICAN LETTER Oct-2-2009 (780 words) Backgrounder. With photos posted Sept. 30 and Oct. 2 and graphic posted Sept. 30.
Charity in action: Impact of new saints continues in United States

SCHEDULE FOR Friday, October 2, 2009

BOOK-CASEY Oct-2-2009 (690 words) With book cover.
Fellow Capuchin provides edifying portrait of simple, saintly man

BOOK-ALBOM Oct-2-2009 (620 words) With book cover.
Author's encounters with rabbi, pastor crucial to his faith journey

CANADA-GAILLARDETZ Oct-2-2009 (720 words)
US theologian set to speak in Canada rebuts charges of dissension

DISASTERS-GIVE Oct-2-2009 (160 words)
Catholic aid agencies accept donations for disaster relief

Advisory-Faith Alive! No. 38 Posted

NOVASCOTIA-LAHEY (UPDATED) Oct-2-2009 (370 words) With photos posted Oct. 1.
Retired Nova Scotia bishop turns himself in to face child porn charges

WASHINGTON LETTER Oct-2-2009 (1,070 words) Backgrounder and analysis. With photos posted Sept. 29 and Oct. 2.
Justice Sotomayor, veteran justices face cases on a cross, juveniles

SYNOD-MEMBERS Oct-2-2009 (510 words) With graphic.
African synod members include representatives from around the world

RALLY-VOUCHERS Oct-2-2009 (560 words) With photo.
More than 1,000 students rally at US Capitol for school vouchers

POPE-FAITH Oct-2-2009 (640 words)
Pope tells Dutch, Philippine ambassadors faith has role in society

VATICAN-NUCLEAR Oct-2-2009 (400 words)
Holy See urges establishment of 'nuclear-free zone' in Middle East

MOVIE REVIEW Oct-2-2009 (1,180 words)
Toy Story/Toy Story 2

GRAPHIC FOR October 2, 2009

TV REVIEW Oct-2-2009 (880 words)
TV film fare -- week of Oct. 18

TV REVIEW Oct-2-2009 (520 words)
TV program notes -- week of Oct. 18

RESOURCES-REPORT Oct-2-2009 (720 words) With RESOURCES-COLLEGE of Oct. 1. With graphic.
Report assesses positive impact of centers that help women avoid abortion

Advisory-week ahead

ADVISORY-H1N1 Oct-2-2009
Send stories, photos about diocesan measures to minimize risk of H1N1


DAMIEN-TOGUCHI Oct-2-2009 (730 words) With photo posted May 5, 2008.
Life has changed for woman whose cancer cure led to canonization

CUA-OCONNELL Oct-2-2009 (710 words) With photo.
Father O'Connell, Catholic University president, to step down in 2010

CNS launches new multimedia platform, Crossplayer

REFRAME Oct-2-2009 (520 words)
Writers suggest ways to reframe media's perception of Catholics

MOVIE REVIEW Oct-2-2009 (660 words) With photo.
No Impact Man

NEWS BRIEFS Oct-2-2009 (2,830 words)
News Briefs

10/02/2009 5:02 PM ET
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