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Student Labor Action Project


College campuses have become an important battleground for addressing economic inequities. Colleges and universities employ large numbers of people - graduate students, janitors, cafeteria workers, and professors - and so have power over the quality of life of entire communities. These institutions are also large purchasers - spending billions of dollars each year on everything from sweatshirts, to books, to building materials. They can therefore control the standards under which the good they purchase are produced. And, of course, universities and colleges have the responsibility to provide quality education to a diverse student population. Throughout the U.S., students are fighting for a voice in decisions on important issues such as how their tuition money is spent, how the institution behaves as an employer and member of a community, and who has access to higher education.

student and workers unite photoThe Student Labor Action Project (SLAP) is a joint initiative of Jobs with Justice and the United States Student Association that engages student organizations in economic justice campaigns. JwJ coalitions around the country house local SLAPs that connect students from multiple campuses. SLAP supports the growing student movement for economic justice by making links between campus and community organizing, providing skills training to build lasting student organizations, and developing campaigns that win concrete victories for working families. Additionally, SLAP partners with student organizations such as United Students Against Sweatshops, MEChA, Student-Farmworker Alliance, Student Action with Farmworkers, and Not With Our Money to build a strong student movement for workers’ rights and economic justice.

Check out the Campaigns and Week of Action sections to learn more about what SLAP is doing.