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Webcasts from plenary sessions

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Note on format: The webcasts are available in Windows Media Video-format. If you don't have a player for Windows Media Video, you can download VLC media player (available for Windows, Mac OS X, BeOS, many Linux distributions, etc.).

 Opening Session, Part 1, 10 March 2009 10.30-12.00Til toppen

Chair: Professor Ian Chubb, ANU President & IARU President


Opening Session, Part 2, 10 March 2009 13.30-14.40Til toppen

Chair: Professor Richard Levin, President, Yale University 


Plenary Session, 11 March 2009 9.00-10.15Til toppen

Chair: Professor Michael Grubb, University of Cambridge 


Plenary Session, 11 March 2009 15.45-17.00Til toppen

Chair: Professor Martin Parry, Grantham Institute and Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London 


Plenary Session, 12 March 2009 9.00-10.30Til toppen

Chair: Mrs. Ulla Tørnæs, Danish Minister for Development Cooperation 


Closing Session, 12 March 2009 15.50-17.10Til toppen

Chair: Prof. Will Steffen, Australian National University