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International Rafting Federation

World Rafting Championships in Bosnia & Herzegovina - 2009

Dates: 17 - 24 May 2009; 
nearest town is Banja Luka; 
Organisation hosting event:
RK "Kanyon"
Event Director:
Aleksandar Pastir

Miro Vasiljevic on


TEAMS' FORUMS: Go here to let your fans, friends, family and other interested people know what is happening to your team during the event. If you have your own website then add the link here or send your link to the IRF Secretary to put on.



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RIVER: Vrbas River with the Downriver being held on the Tara River. River Vrbas is fast mountain river, with several white water sections and pool drops. Length that is used for rafting is 31km. (from dam to downtown). Vrbas is crossing two canyons: canyon Tijesno (5km) and canyon Podmilacje (8km). Level of the water depends on dam, usual limits are 25 to 100 cubic meters, and in spring it is over 500 cubic meters. Grade is 3-4.   


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