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Issue 44

The Philosophers' Magazine

The centre piece of Issue 44 is a forum on philosophy's best kept secrets. Some of the secrets are rare gems, including Collingwood's autobiography and the obscurer reaches of Blanche's trangular logic (which looks intimidating, but makes simple, beautiful sense). Other secrets are darker, and all the more in need of bringing to light because of it. Issue 44 also features interviews with Luce Irigaray and Jonathan Sacks, David Cooper on art and beauty, a Clive Bell snapshot, Jean Kazez on novelty and women's novels, and much more. Plus News, Mediawatch, Threads, and all the usual regulars.

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Articles from The Philosophers' Magazine

The Village Anti-Idiot
By Julian Baggini
An English village rediscovering Hobbes, its greatest thinker

A Passion for Ideas: Collingwood's autobiography
By James Connelly
James Connelly on the finest philosophical autobiography ever.

Secrets of the Editors
Three senior editors at leading philosophy publishers pick the books the buyers have missed.

My Philosophy: Jonathan Sacks
Interview by Julian Baggini
Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks tells Julian Baggini why civil society needs saving.

The Art of Living Series: a review
A review by Michael Sayeau
Bite-sized books leave Michael Sayeau hungry.

Word of Mouse: Issue 44
By Luciano Floridi
Luciano Floridi on the Loebner Prize.

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