How it Works

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1. Discover music

Browse through the site, look at the Charts, use the Search or listen to some songs and start discovering new music.

2. Support your favorite artist

On SellaBand you can support your favorite artists by buying a part and helping them to raise the funds for a new music project (a new album, tour or the promotion of their music).

3. "I'm with the band"

Join your favorite artists on their way to reach their funding goal. Promote them, stay in touch with them and help them.

4. Get your money back

At all times before the Target Budget has been reached you can withdraw your money from a Music Project. Any money on your balance can always be paid out via PayPal.

5. Artist reaches target

Once an artist has reached his/her goal the doors are closed, meaning that no new Believers can come on board and you can no longer withdraw your money.

6. Make magic happen

The artist will use the funds raised to complete his/her Music Project.

7. Get rewarded

Receive free downloads and other goodies artists might offer like exclusive CDs, t-shirts, free lunches etc. And artists might even let you get a cut of their revenues.

8. Did we say it's free?

Yes, joining SellaBand is free. What are you waiting for? Sign up now.

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