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National Geographic
TIME Magazine
TIME Magazine
TIME Magazine
Time Asia
1st Place
National Geographic
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Photo Editing Team:
Ken Geiger, Photo Editor
Kurt Mutchler, Photo Editor
David Whitmore, Designer
Elaine Bradley, Designer
Robert Gray, Designer
William Marr, Designer
Judges' Comments

GEOGRAPHIC’S “Katrina” entry and TIME Magazine’s “An American Tragedy” were both excellent pieces. The decision for first place was tough due to the difference in the entries. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC sought to tell the whole story, which it did over 53 pages. TIME boiled the story down to 8 pages. Emotionally, TIME’s piece hits hard. But in the end, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’S depth of coverage moved “Katrina” to first place, followed by TIME’s “An American Tragedy” in second place. TIME also did an incredible job in taking the tsunami and publishing four double truck photos that powerfully tell the story in “Sea of Sorrow”. It’s an amazing piece that walks you through the natural disaster.

I found the size and complexity of this package detracted from the emotional power of the photographs, and I wouldn’t have given this first place.

National Geographic’s Katrina Special section, met the mission of a full recap of Katrina, using compelling images in a moving way. And, it what Geographic does best the coverage includes historical photos that are not only important in simply telling the story of previous hurricanes, but more relevant than usual given the previous treatment of the African American population in New Orleans in relationship in flooding.

Excellent job of telling a complete and comprehensive story about Hurricane Katrina. The use of high-impact photos along with the careful selection of aerial and satellite photos used in conjunction with informational graphics makes this a highly successful package that feels like a historical reference book.


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