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Did you know that you could refill your empty bottles of Ecover?  This saves you money as well as plastic resources - your bottle can be re-filled up to 50 times before you need to replace it!  (Not forgetting to recycle your old bottle!)  We now sell over 91,000 litres of refill a year, saving tonnes of plastic from going to refill, so thanks to all of you for making the system a success.

If you decide to refill your empty bottle just wash it out and take it along to your nearest health food store.  For details of your nearest refill stockist please click here.

Please remember to use the right bottle for the right refill - i.e. Washing up Liquid in a Washing up Liquid bottle - as this will prevent potential cross contamination of product.  We also recommend that you have two bottles on the go at the same time, so that you can be using one bottle whilst waiting to get the other refilled.

Refill is available for:

  • Washing Up Liquid – Lemon & Aloe and Camomile & Marigold
  • Fabric Conditioner – Amongst the Flowers
  • Laundry Liquid
  • All- Purpose Cleaner
  • Toilet Cleaner (25L only)

Alternatively you can purchase Ecover products in 5 litre containers.  These can be used to refill your smaller bottles from at home.  If you decide to do this you can buy a pump directly from us - just download this form and return it to us.

Ecover 15 Litre Refill Taps

If you require a tap for your domestic 15 litre Refill then please download the following PDF form, complete and send back to us to the address at the bottom of the form.

Click here to download the form

Ecover launches new Refill System

Ecover has now launched our new Refill System, currently being rolled out throughout the UK.  After careful consideration, we’ve designed a new system which uses less packaging, is more effective for us to transport and is much more practical for store owners to implement.  Refilling with the system uses 46% less packaging in comparison to its predecessor.

It is a great way to reuse your Ecover bottles rather than throwing them away or even recycling them – because although recycling is great, reusing is that much better.  The UK sends an astonishing 400 tonnes of plastic bottles to landfill each year – but if you consider reusing your bottles you can really start making an impact on resources.  On average Ecover bottles can be refilled up to 50 times, so one Laundry Liquid bottle could last an average family three years, saving 49 plastic bottles and preserving the resources that are used to make them.  Refilling your empties will save a few pennies too! Every little helps in these pressing economic times and which is why the recommended retail price for refilling a bottle of Ecover is less than buying new. So why wouldn’t you Refill? It’s cheaper, more sustainable and it’s taking that extra step to do your bit for the environment.

If you have a local store that you’d like to see Ecover’s Refill System stocked in, email us their details to

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