#13 Bobby Kim
#14 Ben Shenassafar

The Hundreds

Age: 28 (Kim) and 28 (Shenassafar)
Location: Los Angeles, CA
2007 Revenue: $2 million
Employees: 30
Year founded: 2003
Website: www.thehundreds.com

What started as a blog and a simple T-shirt line produced by two law school classmates has become The Hundreds -- a worldwide skateboarder lifestyle and apparel brand with an online magazine that attracts more than 1 million unique visitors a month. Kim and Shenassafar are the company's sole owners, and they credit much of their success to their independence. "We're not a corporate clothing company trying to sell down to you," Kim says. "We're ringing you up and sweeping the floors, and then going back to running a 30-person company. Our customers relate to it because we're on their level." Revenue is expected to hit $4 million in 2008.

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