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Lone: Notts Beatmaker on New LP

Mon 23 Jun 2008 By Martin Skivington

Depending on where you’re at, Lemuria can either be a hypothetical “lost world” once situated between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, a fictional location from the Marvel Universe, or a Cybertronian ship from Transformers.

With his new album “Lemurian”, Nottingham hip-hop producer Lone is clearly pulling inspiration from abstract places, and its dirty-tropical off-beat instrumental pieces are set to raise some eyebrows and crank a few necks around the way.

Real name Matt Cutler- Lone started out with beat/scratch duo Kids in Tracksuits- whose heavy airplay and live slots on BBC Radio 1 culminated in a load of touring and a handful of releases and remixes for labels like Ninja Tune, and Lone’s current home, Dealmaker.

Now on an “extended break” from KiT, we caught up with Lone to discuss “The Lemurian”, musical influences, and the barely-existent Notts hip-hop scene.

Q: I got the KiT “Campfire” CD a few years back- what’s gone on since then and what made you want to release a solo effort?

A: The campfire CD was basically just a bunch of rough demos we’d done when we were starting out to be honest, but I guess it kinda got the ball rolling for what me and Andy were doing at that time. From then we had a couple of releases with Dealmaker, put out a few remixes, one of which for Ninja Tune earlier this year, played about a million shows, did some radio sessions and got a bit bored with the whole thing, partly due to the fact that I was making more music for myself and Andy was concentrating on graphic art stuff. Now we’re not doing the KiT stuff it feels right to really give my shit a real push, cause its the stuff I’ve always been most into. I was making tunes on my own way before the KiT stuff anyway so I dont see it as a ’solo’ project at all.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about the production sound on Lemurian. Did you cater the beats to be more like instrumentals, rather than something to be performed live?

A: Yeah it definitely works best as a whole album for listening rather than playing out / dancing or whatever. Hopefully people will listen to it from start to finish, cause one of the hardest things about making it was picking the order in which the tracks went in. Like with my favourite albums, I almost feel guilty skipping tracks because I know none of them sound as good without the things which come before and after, if that makes any sense. Hopefully ‘Lemurian’ works in that kinda way. Having said that, the whole thing’s pretty chunky, it has kick, I reckon. But when it comes down to it, I’ve always been more into melody. I’m obsessed with it infact, so all my stuff will always have melody as the main focus. The next thing I put out will be more suited for live stuff though.

Q: Who are you feeling on the boards these days? There seems to be quite an obvious Dilla, Madlib-y type of vibe to production on Lemurian, would you agree?

A: Well my biggest influences have always been Boards of Canada and Madlib, so whatever I do, there’s always that influence there whether I like it or not. At the moment though the people making music i’m most into and inspired by are my mates. Tom who makes beats as Keaver and Brause is probably my biggest influence ’cause I see him most days and I’ve never heard a track by him i don’t like. I’m also part of a collective/label called Artists’ Valley based in Wolverhampton, founded by Stephen Wilkinson who makes music as Bibio, and Rich Roberts and Andy Harber who make music as Letherette. They all make incredibly lush music, so I feel very fortunate to have such talented mates I guess. Apart from that, I’d say Samiyam runs things at the moment.

Q: Are you still based in Notts- what’s going down there these days? There’s always been a bit of hip-hop coming from there, with cats like The P Brothers, Cappo, and yourselves.

A: Yeah still repping Notts. As for hip hop stuff going on, I’m not aware of too much shit to be honest. I guess you could call what me and Tom are doing hip hop, though its not really conventional. Dupstep and minimal techno seem to be huge in Notts at the moment, which is wicked I think. Plenty of cool nights and parties going off. Spam Chop - a DJ from notts is killing it when it comes to that stuff.

Q: So what’s next for your now? Are you still doing shows and releases with KiT? Anything you’d like to add?!

A: Nah, no more work with KiT. We’re both too busy with our own projects basically, although we are still collaborating which is cool. Andy’s done the artwork for my album.

MP3: Lone - Sea Spray


Dealmaker Records
Lone on Myspace.com

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This post was made by Martin Skivington on Mon 23 Jun 2008
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