October 14, 2009

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Hatf 7

Country:  Pakistan
Alternate Name:  Babur
Class:  A/L/S/SuCm
Length:  6.2 m
Diameter:  0.52 m
Launch Weight:  1500 kg
Payload:  450 kg, HE or Nuclear 10 to 35 kT
Propulsion:  Turbojet
Range:  500 km
Guidance:  INS/GPS, terrain reference, IIR
Status:  Development
In Service:  2008


The Hatf 7 is a short-range, air-, ground-, ship- and submarine-launched, turbojet powerd single warhead, cruise missile.  The missile has a length of 6.2 m, a diameter of 0.52 m, a launch weight of 1500 kg and a payload of 450 kg. The missile is also capable of carrying a nuclear payload between 10 and 35 kT.

Development may have started in the 1990s as a response to the Indian cruise missile program. From what is known about the missiles, it is probably based on RGM/UGM-109 Tomahawk. The engine, however, may be based on the Tomahawk, the Russian AS-15, the Russian SS-N-27 Club, or the Chinese turbot jet design.

Sources indicate that the first flight test was planned for August 2004, however the first confirmed flight test did not occur until August 2005. A second flight test may have occurred in March 2006. The missile tested was ground launched. It has been reported that the air-, ship-, and submarine-launched versions are currently under development.





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Pakistan Test Fires Hatf-8 Cruise Missile

August 25, 2007 :: News

Pakistan today successfully test fired a new Air-Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM) termed the Hatf-8 (Ra'ad). The indigenously developed Ra'ad ("Thunder" in Arabic), is said to have a range of 350 kilometers, though there is speculation that this range might be extended. The missile is said to have a stealth design, to be as accurate as the Babur cruise missile, and have the capability to carry various types of warheads. The missile has been reportedly designed exclusively for launch from a variety of Pakistan's air platforms, providing these with a strategic stand off capability on land and at sea.

The Hatf-8 is a designation which has apparently not been previously used by Pakistan, and it seems uncertain if this is a genuinely new missile or a variation of the Hatf-7. (Article, Link) 

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